If you are looking for a unique and luxurious destination with a touch of rich history and incredible nature, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll take you on a virtual vacation to the most luxurious Balkans destinations worth every penny, so keep reading.

St Stefan in Montenegro is a perfect summer destination

Around 5 km from Budva’s shore, a luxurious island, the most expensive destination on the list. The sightseeing would only cost you about $100, and a night in one of the more luxurious hotels on the island is so much more. But, this is the time to go wild and rent a lavish beachside villa, don’t you agree?

This island is also popular among VIPs who are prepared to pay a nice chunk of cash for privacy and top-notch service.

There are a few beaches you can relax on, the most popular ones being the Queen’s beach and Sveti Stefan beach, so if you have the pocket for this kind of luxury we highly recommend you visit Montenegro.

Dubrovnik, Croatia – Follow the Game of thrones path

In the past, it was known as Ragusa, this city, located in the region of Dalmatia, is a gem worth spending money on. The history of Dubrovnik dates back to the 7th century, and the city’s architecture looks like time has stopped forever. Therefore, the city was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites thanks to its gorgeous medieval architecture.

Apart from the Old City, some attractions worth visiting are the Franciscan Church and Monastery, The Rector’s Palace and Cultural Historical Museum, and the Museum of Modern Art. Take a walk through Stradun or relax on Banje Beach. Indulge in the best wine and fresh seafood to get transported to Dubrovnik of old.

For the fans of the popular show Game of Thrones, a tv series that was partially filmed in this city, we recommend taking a tour of the filming sites in Dubrovnik. Summon your inner Daenerys to help you with the weather, as summer temperatures can get pretty high.

Lake Bled in Slovenia – A postcard-worthy spot

Near a small town with the same name lies a turquoise lake so beautiful and magical that it will take your breath away. Lake Bled is one of the reasons why tourism in Slovenia keeps blossoming every year, and this location is on the top of the list of many tourists that decide to travel to Slovenia.

Even though the lake and the surroundings are not so big, it won’t take much time to explore the lake and surroundings. You can book a boat and go on a ride around the island and explore the clear water around it. You can enjoy swimming as well. Take a tour of the small Bled island and visit the island’s symbol, a 1000-year-old medieval castle.

If you want to make everyone jealous with your insta feed, book a stay at one of the villas or vintage hotels overlooking the island. Can you imagine yourself eating a colorful hefty breakfast, dressed in a cashmere bathrobe on a terrace with a front row Bled view? ‘Cause we sure can!

Belgrade river

Luxury on a budget – Belgrade

Even though it was voted the most affordable European destination, Belgrade has a lot to offer travelers with expensive taste. One of the best ways to go about Sightseeing Belgrade is to go on a private tour experience, which won’t break the bank but will feel like a luxurious hug. From a Danube cruise to touring the underground corridors of Kalemegdan, you’ll get acquainted with the capital of Serbia. But, we want to highlight something even better – food.

There are 14 restaurants in Serbia showcased in a Michelin guide, with Salon 1905 leading as the most famous among newcomers and locals. These restaurants will take you on a multiple-course journey through local ingredients and haute recipes served in porcelain or sustainable dishes. You can even try a dessert wine, Bermet, served on the Titanic.

If you go on a short drive from Belgrade, you’ll reach the Zasavica Special nature reserve. What’s so luxurious about it, you may ask? Well, technologists of Zasavica invented a way of turning donkey milk into cheese, a slow and pricey process resulting in the most expensive cheese in the world. Get it today for $600 per kilogram, donkeys sold separately. Visit Serbia in all its glory to find even wilder yet cool sites.

We hope our list has given you an idea of ​​where to plan your next trip. These places are worth every penny, and we are sure you will like them. Where are you off to first?