Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean there isn’t any fun outdoors – like skiing, for example.

Skiing is a classic winter activity that all ages can enjoy. The only problem is, when you think of skiing, Iowa doesn’t necessarily come to mind. Most of it consists of flat farmland. Who would have thought that there would be world class slopes? And not just one. Did you know that there are actually several places in the state to strap on skis? Serious. You don’t have to travel far to hit the slopes.

There are four places in Iowa that are perfect for skiing. Let’s take a look from east to west.

Sundown Mountain Resort– Dubuque

According to their website, they have 21 varied ski slopes of varying degrees of difficulty, two fun parks, courses for all ages and two mountain huts with a view of 100 square miles of landscape.

Sleepy Hollow Sports Park– monks

This location is about a mile east of the Iowa State Fairgrounds. Here you don’t just go skiing, but rather tobogganing and tubing. And it looks great! Unfortunately, due to the warmer temperatures and the rise in COVID, the snowpark will not be open this winter.

Seven Oaks Recreation- Boone

According to their website, this park has 11 runs that vary from beginner to expert, a fun park, a snow tube park, and more!

Mt. Cresent ski area– Honigbach

This place is located on the Iowa Bluffs and has been open every year since 1961, according to the website. Their ski slopes are up to 2,400 feet long – that’s 7-7 soccer fields! There is also a cozy lodge where you can enjoy your favorite drink.

If you’re looking for more winter fun, you’ve come to the right place. There is lots of fun to be had here in Iowa. There is free ice skating, and a tons of winter festivals to look forward to. See, winter doesn’t have to mean you’re locked inside.

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