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Today, dear friends, we are going to read some tea leaves. A Ben Simmons deal is imminent. Tomorrow or January, who can say that. But we know a trade that is up and coming, and that Six“The squad will change drastically as a result.

This article focuses on the most likely targets for Simmons. Not the best team fits, not which trading partner would benefit the Sixers the most – a direct assessment of which teams are most likely to land the ailing All-Star.

We will of course focus on the teams that have been featured frequently in the Simmons sweepstakes. Sorry to Charlotte – if only!

The Sixers will trade Ben Simmons. Which team is most likely to land it?

Last season, Simmons averaged 14.3 points, 7.2 rebounds and 6.9 assists, which was a remarkable step back in efficiency and raised questions about his stunted development as a goalscorer. To make matters worse, the 6-foot-10 prodigy looked completely untied in the playoffs. In the second round of the Sixers against Atlanta, his scoring average dropped to 9.9 points per game.

While it is clear that opposing front offices are reluctant to unload the clip in a Simmons trade, we are reaching a tipping point. With training camp starting in less than a month, Philadelphia undoubtedly wants to start the season with a clean slate. On the other hand, the team bringing Simmons up would probably want him in the building asap.

Simmons is one of the NBA’s top defenders and, at age 25, a multi-year Eastern Conference All-Star. He is under contract for four more years, all guaranteed, and scores more 3 points for teammates than anyone who is not Luka Doncic. This type of player generally charges a high price. The Sixers are likely getting ripped off one way or another, but the teams have an interest in Simmons. It won’t last forever. There is too much demand for a supply from one.

With that in mind … here are some honorable mentions – Portland Trail Blazers, Cleveland Cavaliers, LA Clippers, Indiana Pacers.