Corey Seager, Los Angeles Dodgers. (Mandatory field: Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports)

Corey Seager is set to be one of the biggest names in baseball this winter.

Corey Seager has had his entire professional career in Los Angeles swindlers Organization but he plays the right position and is the right age to potentially land a massive contract from another ball club.

While the Dodgers may want to sign him again, there are many reasons other teams want the two-time NL All-Star and 2020 World Series MVP to join their organization. Seagers’ season will be in 2022 at the age of 28 and he should still have a lot of big ball in his tank. While he’s struggled with injuries in recent years, his postseason clutch factor is the ultimate attribute.

Here are five teams it makes a lot of sense to sign Seager during his high profile freelance agency.

Corey Seager Free Agency: 5 potential applicants for the 2022 season


The Chicago Cubs now have the cash to get a big boost for Corey Seager

After a fire sale that Chicago Cubs now have the financial flexibility to recruit a marquee or two from a freelance agency. Seager would become the face of the franchise if he joined the Cubs. Even in his heyday he was able to set up monster numbers offensively on Wrigley Field. However, there are better ways for him to beat Chicago in the short and long term.


Detroit Tigers

AL Central Detroit Tigers

If the Detroit Tigers don’t get Carlos Correa, maybe they can get Corey Seager?

the Detroit Tigers are approaching their relevance in their competitive life cycle. Adding a high profile free agent will go a long way in getting them charged in the weak AL Central. While Tigers skipper AJ Hinch may covet former Houston Astros star Carlos Correa, Seager wouldn’t be a bad second option for Detroit. The Tigers’ interest in Seager is very tangible.

While the Cubs and Tigers are interesting landing spots for Seager, these three are far more likely to him than Chicago or Detroit.