Max Scherzer, Los Angeles Dodgers. (Mandatory field: Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports)

Max Scherzer could be one of the top pitchers in baseball teams in his free agency.

Despite being in his late 30s, Max Scherzer remains one of the best pitchers in baseball.

The future Hall of Fame was held by the Washington Nationals to the Los Angeles swindlers at close of trading. Despite going from a losing team to a winning team, the Dodgers dropped two games before returning to the World Series. While Scherzer could potentially play with the Boys in Blue again during his free agency, there will be several other applicants hoping to sign him this winter.

Here are the five best travel destinations for Scherzer as he enters 2022 MLB free agency.

Free Agency Max Scherzer: 5 potential applicants for the 2022 season


Los Angeles Angels

AL west

Los Angeles Angels have the payroll, need an ace, but will they win enough?

A potential Dark Horse contender for Scherzer is the Los Angeles Angels. With Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani they already have two superstars in their squad. Her star power, however, has nowhere near translated into the October success. Scherzer wouldn’t have to leave the Los Angeles media marketplace, but the Angels’ lack of success is worrying to say the least.


Boston Red Sox

If the Boston Red Sox Max Scherzer land, they have to be the AL favorites

the Boston Red Sox were one of the teams Scherzer was reportedly open to trading with. Boston returned to the postseason last year, playing hard against the Houston Astros at the ALCS. However, at the end of October they ran out of gas. Putting Scherzer on the same Boston rotation with Nathan Eovaldi and Chris Sale sounds great, but it doesn’t get cheap either.

While Scherzer could end up with the Angels or the Red Sox, it’s more likely these three teams will sign him into his high-profile free agency.