DALLAS: Hotels.com is committed to saving hotel bathtubs according to the Washington Post reported that they can go the way of the dinosaur.

The brand has created the coveted position of “Bath Boss”. Hotels.com accepts applications for the position. opposite Hotels.com/BathBoss see you on Friday. The selected person goes on a “Tour de Tub” and spends two nights at a time in hotel complexes in New York City, inclusive Mr. C seaport, The Dominick and The Langham, from November 9th to 15th. The Bath boss’ main job is to indulge in his epic tubs and document the journey.

“As our Bath Boss, you will be responsible for capturing and sharing the experience of soaking in some of the most luxurious bathtubs New York City has to offer,” shared Shannon Lovich, Head of PR and Communications North America at Hotels.com PRWeek via email with. “The Bath Boss is asked to share one post per hotel on their own social channels.”

In addition to a “salary” of US $ 5,000, the Bath Boss also receives a travel grant of US $ 1,000, cozy bath accessories, a tailor-made bathrobe, slippers and an eye mask.

The Bath Boss has the job of “raising awareness of the very crucial reason not to do anything but relax in the bathtub,” read a statement from Hotels.com.

“At Hotels.com, as our name suggests, we know hotels,” said Lovich. “We are continuously working to raise awareness not only of how we reward travelers for their stay, but also of the wide range of hotels around the world that can be found on Hotels.com.”

Lovich stated that when the company thinks about new news, it focuses on “identifying a real world truth and connecting it to a brand truth”.

She added that there is a trend towards dream jobs that are driving media conversation and consumer action.

In August, Farm brought in Rich Chef cheese officer; and last month Schleich hired a child to be Chief Storytelling Officer and McCormick & Company enlisted a Taco Relations Director.

Hotels.com PR AOR ICF Next supports this campaign. To fuel these efforts, Hotels.com has put together a multi-channel communication plan that includes owned and paid social networks, influencer support, and PR.

Bath Boss / baTH bôs /: (noun) a person chosen by hand https://t.co/RxTPUGyReK to get paid $ 5,000 to test the best hotel bathtubs in NYC.

Apply now! https://t.co/EQSOsWEk3I pic.twitter.com/C43Grl5yLy

– Hotels.com (@hotelsdotcom) October 7, 2021

Budget information was not disclosed.