Zahra Tayeb Jan Feb 23 2022 4:04pm

A Savioke robot delivers items to a hotel guest. Photo by Liz Hafalia/The San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images

  • Hotels in the US are using room service robots to help alleviate the effects of labor shortages.

  • The robots deliver food or items to hotel guests and are always available.

  • They help hotel staff focus on important tasks, such as B. serving the reception, per Fox Business.

Hotels across the US are using room service robots to solve staffing issues caused by an ongoing labor shortage.

The robots developed by Savioke perform simple tasks such as delivering meals or other items to guest rooms, Fox Business reported.

Savioke CEO Steve Cousins ​​told Fox Business in an interview that the robots allowed hotel staff to focus on important tasks like staffing the front desk while staff levels remained at record lows.

Businesses in many industries are suffering from the effects of labor shortage. Some have had to increase wages or cut operating hours due to reduced staffing.

In his discussion of the robots with Fox Business, Cousins ​​said, “There’s a lot more value to front desk staff checking people in than bringing stuff into a room.”

He added, “If the hotel manager needs to come out and help you with deliveries, they don’t sell rooms, which is their main job.”

According to the outlet, the robots are available anytime, any day.

Cousins ​​said the robots aren’t replacing workers, but are an additional “arsenal” that hotels count on for extra support. He added that hotels from New York to California have placed orders to purchase the robots.

According to statement On Savioke’s website, the company notes that “It’s very easy to build and deploy. sophisticated and friendly service robots.” The machines operate safely and reliably in human environments, the statement added.

Though it’s becoming more common for companies to use robots to address workforce issues, some say there are downsides. This includes robots running away from guests who wear a lot of jewelry or chat too much.

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