The Bradley Beal Sweepstakes could finally get hot.

Beal’s name has been smoking for a good year. While the teams look for the next angry star to swap for, Beal has emerged as an ideal target.

First and foremost, he’s really damn good at basketball. Beal averaged 29-5-5 stats for the past three seasons with a robust 58.4% True Shooting (TS%) percentage. Known as the elite Florida shooter many years ago, Beal has grown into one of the sport’s most comprehensive offensive players.

His 35.1% clip on threes for the past three seasons undercuts his shooting skills. Its volume (7.3 tries per game) and difficulty level – it takes a ton of threes from the jump – both go into this lower number than you think. At this point, three-point shooting complements the rest of this game, not the other way around.

There aren’t many better slashers than Beal. While not a LaVine-like jumper, Beal uses his lower body strength, varying stride lengths, and keen understanding of body angles to look good – and often. He has converted at least 60% of his shots within a meter in all but one season of his career and is now a regular on the free throw line.

Furthermore, Beal could be finite ready to seek greener pastures. He’s steadfast in his desire to build something in Washington provided they build a winner around him. And, to the merit of the team, real efforts have been made. Most notably, the Wizards swapped former franchise cornerstone John Wall as part of a deal for Russell Westbrook to add the much-needed star power to the list.

Ultimately, it hasn’t worked so far. Combine that with Beal’s contract status and it’s easy to see why things are coming to a head. Accordingly Jake Fischer from Bleacher Report, Beal could make a decision about his future as early as this week.

If there is a trade request, here are a few teams who should throw their hats in the ring for the All-Star Guard.


The connection between Beal and Jayson Tatum is obvious. Depending on what some of the teams decide on the sidelines, a strong argument could be made that Jaylen Brown is the best player Washington could be offered.

The wizards would probably ask for more – picks, prospects like Robert Williams and / or Payton Pritchard, and maybe Marcus Smart as well. The Celtics wouldn’t literally have to bow to anything, but this is more to show that they have what it takes to swing.


The Sixers desperately need a boost in creating three-stage shots. In addition, they need a boost in the game design on the half-course. Beal would provide both, the former in abundance.