President Joe Biden said on Friday that he is planning Trip to Texas but does not want a presidential trip to burden a dispute with a state extreme weather crisis.

“The answer is yes,” said Biden when asked if he would travel to Texas after addressing the Munich Security Conference.

“If it actually comes to the conclusion that I can do it without incriminating the local people while they deal with this crisis, I plan to move on,” said Biden. He said the decision will likely be made early next week.

The announcement will follow a devastating week of freezing temperatures and winter storms in Texas this resulted in widespread power outages. The state has begun to restore power, but nearly half of the state’s population remains under the boiling water recommendation as water shortages persist.

Biden said he spoke to Republican Greg Abbott of Texas Thursday night. The president said he would ask acting Federal Emergency Management Agency Administrator Bob Fenton Friday afternoon to expedite his response to Abbott’s request for a statement about a major disaster.

“We’re going to sign this statement as soon as it’s in front of me, and God willing, it’s going to bring a lot of relief to a lot of Texans,” said Biden.

Biden approved an emergency statement for the state over the weekend, but the statement of the major disaster would allow FEMA to provide more resources and assistance, including additional insurance, to help individuals with uncovered costs or other costs keep homes habitable do.

The president said FEMA is providing assistance in the form of generators, diesel fuel, water, blankets and other supplies. Biden said he had directed the US departments of Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, Agriculture and Defense “to identify other resources that can meet the growing needs of the people of Texas.”

The White House said Friday that it had been in contact with mayors and county officials across Texas throughout the week to ensure they were connected to FEMA for immediate needs.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Thursday that more than once a day, Biden received information about Texas and the surrounding states that were hit by the bad weather.

“Making sure the people of Texas and the surrounding states have the resources they need is something he brings up frequently in meetings over the past few days,” Psaki said at the meeting.

She said the president has directed his team “to make decisions quickly and respond to the specific needs of states as they arise during this difficult time”.