WASHINGTON – President Joe Biden’s early focus on office began with a promise to prosecute white supremacists and included several executive directives that instantly reversed Trump administration guidelines.

Biden also signed new orders Thursday that masks must be worn while traveling and on federal properties. It is also mobilizing federal funds to set up 100 new COVID vaccination centers nationwide, and Biden is citing the Defense Production Act to boost coronavirus vaccine production.

Biden said the US was in a “national emergency” regarding COVID and urged Americans to continue wearing masks for the next 100 days.

In his inaugural address on January 20, Biden emphasized the need to confront and defeat white supremacy and domestic terrorists. It did so after Trump supporters stormed Congress on January 6th as lawmakers upheld Biden’s victory, sent to the inauguration of a tightly sealed Washington DC against the backdrop of 26,000 soldiers.

Several hundred of these troops, as well as state police officers, were sent to DC from Maryland by Governor Larry Hogan.

There are Democrats who want to instigate more aggressive domestic surveillance, social media restrictions and law enforcement actions against far-right and right-wing groups.

Biden signed the executive order on Wednesday to re-admit the US to the World Health Organization and the Paris Climate Agreement and to protect young immigrants under the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program.

US Senators Ben Cardin and Chris Van Hollen, both Democrats from Maryland, welcomed the US, which is rejoining the other WHO and Biden actions.

Trump left the WHO and complained that the group was too cozy with China, which he blamed for the COVID-19 pandemic and pointed to its origins in Wuhan. Van Hollen said rejoining the WHO will help in the fight against the coronavirus.

“The Trump administration’s decision to withdraw the United States from the World Health Organization in the midst of a pandemic was deeply wrong and short-sighted. To stop the spread of COVID-19, we must work together. This sensible decision by the Biden administration will ensure US involvement and ensure overdue American leadership in the global fight against the coronavirus, ”said Van Hollen.

Biden also issued an executive order to strengthen the federal government’s protection against discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation.

Biden’s early agenda worries US Representative Andy Harris, R-Md.-1st. Harris represents the east coast and supports Trump.

He worries about Biden’s reversal of Trump policies, calling for a minimum wage of $ 15, dismantling Trump’s border wall with Mexico, and the oppressive conservative and dissenting voices of Democrats and social media allies.

Twitter and Facebook banned former President Donald Trump, as well as other conservative and right-wing accounts, following the January 6th Capitol uprising. Harris is also concerned about the Cancel Culture Vendetta against Trump and his supporters. “

“President Biden and Vice President Harris were sworn in today and immediately pledged to deliver a liberal agenda under the false guise of unity. Rather than recognizing an even political division in Congress, they announced a liberal wish-list of promises that contain no political compromise and cannot be translated into law. In addition, President Biden will hold more than a dozen executive actions today, compared to two in the past four Presidents, “Harris said in a statement on Wednesday. “Furthermore, the Liberals hope to do all of this while pursuing a longstanding cultural vendetta against a former president. I urge our new president to work for all Americans, not just the liberal wing of his party. “

If he works for all Americans, I’ll be ready to help. We are likely to have a lot of political disagreements going forward, but I pray that our nation will remain blessed during the new administration’s tenure, “Harris said.

On the other side of the bay and the political divide, Van Hollen welcomed Biden’s actions against immigration, climate change and the lifting of Trump’s travel restrictions from several countries with anti-American agendas or links to terrorism in the US.

Van Hollen supports Biden’s order regarding DACA, which protects young immigrants illegally brought into the United States by their families. Trump had tried to dismantle DACA in order to get more money for the border wall.

“Immigrants strengthen our communities, strengthen our economies, and underscore the values ​​and principles on which our country was built. It is for this reason that I am delighted that President Joe Biden is not only taking immediate action today to protect DACA recipients but is also putting in place a comprehensive plan to define our entire immigration system, ”said Van Hollen.