TAMPA, Fla. (WLFA) — John Soehnel and his girlfriend saved for nearly a year for a 9-day cruise to Alaska, aboard the Norwegian Sun.

Norwegian cancels cruise after ship hits iceberg

All was great — until the ship hit an iceberg and had to return to port.

This was in June and passengers were told they would receive refunds. Soehnel says everyone in his travel group received every penny back but he did not.

“I paid in one lump sum, I thought I would receive it back in one lump sum.”

He says he expected $4,666 and only received $2,760. He believes he is owed $1,914 and says his travel agent tells him he should receive this amount.

When he couldn’t get answers about the numbers, he called Better Call Behnken.

Norwegian sent this statement:

“After looking at this matter, we can confirm that the guests refunded the full costs of the voyage fare paid, however, he was charged for service charges, air, hotel, and shore excursion costs that were incurred prior to the incident occurring. The guest booked his cruise via a travel agency so if they do have any questions regarding payments refunded, they should reach out to the travel agency contact.”

The couple say the numbers still don’t add up, so Norwegian agreed to take another look and double-check to make sure they have received everything they should have received.