Photo credit: Royal Champagne Hotel & Spa

Is there anything better than relaxing in a luxury hotel with a glass of champagne in hand? Well actually. That would be a personalized “Press for Champagne” button to be bubbly and call! Here are four hotels around the world that make ordering a bottle of sparkling wine as easy as the push of a button.

Royal Champagne Hotel & Spa

Champagne, France

Photo credit: Royal Champagne Hotel & Spa
It is appropriate that the Royal Champagne Hotel & Spa – The first resort in the Champagne region (which was actually named the best hotel in the world) offers hotel guests a new way to enjoy their drink at home. Royal Champagne guests who long for a little sparkling wine are spoiled at any time of the day with champagne, which is delivered to the telephone provided in the room. To take room service to another level, Royal Champagne is also launching an afternoon ice cream truck that travels from room to room every day, delivering sweet treats. Hotel highlights include a dedicated champagne concierge who can arrange exclusive tastings in the many nearby champagne houses, Michelin-starred restaurants, and an extensive spa in collaboration with the cult favorite Biological research.

Baccarat Hotel

New York, New York

Baccarat HotelPhoto credit: Baccarat Hotel

The glittering and beautiful Baccarat hoteI have something called “Beside Bubbles” in Manhattan – aka the champagne button on the phones in the room! When guests press the button, they are merely asked to select their preference from the hotel’s champagne menu, and a chilled bottle is immediately delivered to their room with two Baccarat Whistle.

The Waldorf Hilton, London

London, United Kingdom

The Waldorf HiltonPhoto credit: The Waldorf Hilton

The Waldorf Hilton, London, Not only does it have fantastic access to the West End pieces (which hopefully will come back soon!): this dazzling Edwardian-style hotel features a Press For Champagne button as a chic design feature in its named Astor Suite hotel founder Wilhelm Waldorf Astor. You can push the button for a waiter to deliver the champagne of your choice straight to your room.

Nai yarn

Phuket, Thailand

It’s not just city breaks where the champagne flows into the room. The Nai hair phuket Luxury lovers staying in their higher room categories can use their Press for Champagne buttons to bring the bubbles to guests’ private terraces overlooking the sea.

Honorable restaurant mentions

Bob Bob Cité + Bob Bob Ricard

London, United Kingdom

London mainstay Bob Bob Ricard and his new and trendy little sister, Bob Bob City, Both have fabulous French dishes and champagne buttons at the table to make any dinner one of the most glamorous parties.