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“While vaccinations are a personal choice, our role as a company is to provide the right information and enable them to make an informed decision based on the risks and benefits,” said Dr. Low Kiang Wei, Medical Director at International SOS. “And that includes both the medical and the social part.

“Once all the information is well presented, I believe that the individual will be well placed to make a choice and then our job will be to keep them safe … and make sure they have access, whether or not they are is vaccinated or not to the same level of support. “

Both Dr. Both Low and Quane believe that in the face of the pandemic, companies should go to greater lengths to assess whether an employee is fit to travel. For example, if the trip is to a high risk location and a person cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons, managers can send someone else instead. Managers should tell employees that this is “not a penalty” and that the company only has greater concerns for their health and safety.

Of course, companies should also find out if it requires travel abroad or if the job can be done just as well through video calls. Quane expects companies to take a closer look at business travel now. For example, if it’s just a one-night trip to train a few colleagues, for example, companies can schedule an online meeting instead.