– The education sector saw an increase in cyber attacks as digital adoption increased
– Emerging markets with large digital industries were among the hardest hit by hackers
– 96% of companies have changed their cybersecurity strategy due to Covid-19
– Businesses and governments are trying to strengthen their cybersecurity defenses

The coronavirus pandemic has helped fuel the rapid growth of digital solutions. While this has enabled a number of positive developments, it has also exposed many sectors to an increased threat from cyberattacks.

When bans and curfews were put in place around the world to stop the spread of Covid-19, various aspects of everyday life shifted online.

Digital education platforms have been introduced in many countries to ensure that students can continue their studies in compliance with social distancing guidelines. Similarly, there has been a boom in telemedical solutions, with innovations that allow doctors to assess patients remotely becoming increasingly popular.

Perhaps more dramatic was the exponential growth of digital payments as consumers wanted to avoid face-to-face contact when paying for many goods and services.

While these developments have been key to maintaining some continuity during the pandemic, they have also opened more industries to the threat of cyberattacks.

One sector where cyberthreats have risen sharply is education, as distance learning has increased over the past 12 months.

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