A cruise line is changing the way you book cruises, now offering an all-inclusive option for those who want almost everything to be included in their vacation.

Windstar Cruises, headquartered in the US, has added an a la carte option for all-inclusive cruises.

“To better align with other luxury offerings in the cruise industry, particularly with the introduction of our redesigned Star Plus class all-suite yachts, we are now offering the option of all-inclusive pricing on all of our cruises,” said Windstar President Christopher Prelog. “We didn’t want to take the à la carte option away from guests who like to be out and about. We want our guests to have a choice based on their preferences, their needs on board and their general vacation philosophy. “

Windstar Cruises has introduced the all-inclusive tariffs, which include unlimited drinks, WiFi and tips.

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“We have considered only offering the all-inclusive tariff on the newly converted Star Plus Class yachts,” said Prelog. “But after speaking and listening to our regulars and valued travel agents, we found that some like to go a la carte and only buy amenities when they go. After internal discussion, we all came to the same conclusion – why not offer both on all of our yachts? We offer the choice between sailing yachts and all-suite yachts and now à la carte or all-inclusive. That seems to fit the Windstar brand. “

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Guests and crew must be vaccinated against COVID-19 as part of Windstar’s Beyond Ordinary Care health and safety plan. Beginning January 1, the cruise line’s policy provides for a free COVID-19 antigen test at the pier for passengers embarking.

Guests can also purchase antigen ($ 69) or PCR ($ 135) tests prior to their cruise or on board to be performed prior to departure from the yacht to comply with CDC guidelines that currently have negative tests prior to flying to the U.S. require.

For the convenience of guests, any additional tests required by certain ports during the cruise can be purchased on board.