Displaced tourism workers will be supported through a new round of the Health Insurance Premium Support Program.

From April to June last year, the Ministry of Health, in cooperation with the Health Insurance Commission, offered an initial aid program to people who needed help with paying their health insurance premiums. During this period, around 1,250 people received assistance at a cost of approximately $ 400,000.

For some time now, the government has been considering how best to continue health insurance assistance.

Minister of Health, hon. Dwayne Seymour has confirmed that the Department and Health Insurance Commission, along with accredited insurance companies, have approved the new program, which will focus on helping those in the tourism and hospitality industries who are suffering from job losses and severely reduced income from their businesses .

As with those receiving Tourism Scholarship Benefits, those looking for a health insurance premium must apply.

The deadline for receiving applications is February 12th. The program is offered from March 1st to June 30th this year.

The Health Insurance Commission has consulted with the eight approved insurers who have pledged their support for the Premium Payment Assistance Program, and the cabinet has given its approval.

Applications should be made through the Health Insurance Commission. Individuals can contact the Health Insurance Commission by email at hic@gov.ky or by calling 345 946 2084 for more information. The application form can be downloaded from the Commission’s website at dhrs.gov.ky or printed copies are available in the lobby on the ground floor of the Government Office Building.