ITC hotels launched a curated “Feel-Good” menu with groceries on Saturday World environment day aim at sustainability of local producers and affirmed that Home delivery will also be an important offer in the future.

Various restrictions to combat Covid-19 have encouraged luxury hotels to adopt home delivery in conjunction with grocery delivery platforms.

The hotel’s Responsible Luxury philosophy is committed to strengthening local products and artisanal products “Made In India”. Feel Good supports local farmers and producers, reduces the environmental impact and helps minimize the carbon footprint, said a senior employee of the company.

“Home delivery will continue to be an important proposition as teleworking has become a way of life. We have learned a unique way to reach our guests who may want to eat from the comfort of their own home,” ITC Hotels Corporate Executive Chef Manisha Bhasin told PTI about the introduction of the feel-good menu.

However, the hotel branch of the 45,000 crore-Rs conglomerate did not speculate on its future revenue contributions.

“Given the changing environment, guests have taken great pleasure in our take-away menus, which serve the best of ITC Hotels’ kitchens. The carefully compiled menu is carefully prepared and treated with the utmost hygiene to ensure well-being ensure, “said Bhasin.

Covid-19 had rekindled consumer health awareness and encouraged the luxury hotel to look back on traditional methods of healthy eating and cooking.

“From healthy grains and flax seeds, amaranth and chia muffins and croissants to a much deeper integration of the old goodness, the feel-good menu puts the emphasis on the old practice of slow cooking with local and seasonal ingredients,” said the Officer.