CHARLOTTE (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – At Johnson & Wales University’s beverage laboratory, students drank, tasted, and studied various wines.

“These are obviously Austrian, very similar to the ones you tried on Monday,” Professor Sarah Malik told her students.

Many of them are pursuing careers in hospitality or the hospitality industry and are fairly confident about their career prospects.

“There are a lot more options than I thought when I got here,” said Kya Bryant, senior student.

The law of supply and demand invades colleges and universities.

“JWU has a really good reputation with the city of Charlotte,” Bryant told FOX 46, “so a lot of companies, a lot of restaurants, vendors come here looking for students and they’ll message us through our JWU link and let us know that they are looking for employees. “

The North Carolina Restaurant and Lodging Association estimates that there are currently 40,000 hotel and restaurant jobs available nationwide.

“It’s really exciting because there are a lot more opportunities now, especially in the hotel industry,” said senior student Jacqueline Gomez.

Associate Professor Sarah Malik says she has been inundated with inquiries from companies in the Charlotte area looking to hire their students.

“Yes. A lot,” said Associate Professor Sarah Malik. “We get e-mails all the time,” she continued, “I think every single restaurant, hotel, every retail business is after our students.”

Now it’s changing the landscape. Students are able to be more selective. They’re looking for health insurance, a 401K, and better pay.

“The salary that the students used to get is of course no longer appropriate,” said Malik. “You can ask for $ 20 an hour. A few years ago it was maybe $ 10 an hour in the same organization. “

Malik says 60-70 different companies came to the university’s job fair a few weeks ago. One student said the need for hospitality workers removed the stress of looking for a job after graduation.