Feb 18, 2022

EOS Linx, a provider of solar-supported stations with electric vehicle chargers and digital advertising displays, is collaborating with Choice Hotels International to install EOS Charge Stations at select properties in the southeastern US, according to a company press release.

“We’re thrilled to bring EOS Charge Stations to select Choice Hotels properties and help fulfill the EV charging needs of drivers,” Blake Snider, president at EOS Linx, said in the release. “Choice Hotels properties are often located close to highways, making them ideal locations for EV chargers, and this collaboration brings us one step closer to creating a robust EV charging infrastructure that will help support our nation’s EV growth targets.”

The first set of stations will be installed at Choice Hotels franchised properties in Atlanta, Chattanooga, Tennessee and Nashville during the first quarter of 2022, with a goal to deploy more chargers across the US following a successful pilot program.

“This is an exciting collaboration that will provide drivers with access to EV chargers while traveling and in the future, potentially uncover new customer engagement opportunities for our 6,000-plus domestic franchised hotels,” Rick Summa, VP of partner services at Choice Hotels International, said in the release. “The ability to provide drivers with this added convenience while also promoting environmentally sustainable practices in the cities our franchisees serve makes this an impactful relationship we are excited to grow.”

Powered by data analytics tools, EOS Charge Stations include 75-inch digital out-of-home advertising displays to create brand awareness and engagement with consumers. Research from Nielsen and the Outdoor Advertising Association of America found 70% of consumers that notice a digital place-based OOH ad visit a business after exposure and 89% make a purchase after visiting the business.

The digital display can also broadcast public service announcements regarding missing children via EOS Linx’s partnership with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, according to the release.

Choice Hotels International has more than 7,100 hotels in nearly 40 countries and territories.