The law introducing a new system of hotel quarantine in the republic has now been legally signed by the President.

A spokesman for President Michael D Higgins said Sunday, “After the President reviewed the Health (Amendment) Act 2021, he signed the bill and it became law accordingly.”

After examining the Law on Health (Amendment) 2021, the President signed the law and it accordingly became law.

– President of Ireland (@PresidentIRL) March 7, 2021

As the government clears some final operational hurdles, here’s everything we know about what life will be like under the new system.

Do you remind me who needs to be quarantined in a hotel?

The hotel quarantine measures apply to arrivals from 33 “high-risk countries” currently on the government’s “Category 2” list, with the risk of transmitting Covid-19 or mutations of the disease being viewed as high.

The Minister of Health has stressed that the measures apply regardless of a person’s nationality and that the list is subject to change and may be expanded.

Those entering the state without evidence of a negative PCR test for Covid-19 performed in the past 72 hours are also expected to be quarantined at a hotel.

What will the process be like on arrival?

Passengers entering the state and requiring quarantine at a “designated facility” or hotel will likely need to book a spot on the system prior to their arrival.

Travelers pay their own bill for the hotel stay, which is expected to be around € 2,000 per adult.

Every traveler is then legally obliged to stay in their room for 14 days, without visitors and without mixing with other travelers. Interaction with hotel staff is kept to a minimum.

Travelers are expected to receive a “Completion Letter” upon completion of their quarantine period.

What will daily life in the hotels look like?

Meals will likely be delivered to rooms in single-use containers three times a day and may be staggered to avoid guests opening doors along a corridor at the same time.

It is expected that smoking will be prohibited in the rooms. There may also be a limit on the amount of alcohol a person can order.

Precautions regarding exercise remain unclear. Outdoor training is banned under the Australian system following a tightening of regulations, while New Zealand allows it in designated areas with strict controls.

It is likely that those staying at Ireland’s quarantine hotels will have a Covid-19 test.

Where are the hotels?

The government is believed to be keen to find a “one-stop-shop” quarantine service provider that offers accommodation and arranges airport transportation, meals and security.

Health Department officials are in talks with a number of hotels to ensure the new system is up and running “as soon as possible” Irish time.

Can I stay in the same room with other people?

It remains unclear what arrangements will be made in Ireland. In New Zealand there is a maximum of four per room, as in the case of two adults and two children, and a maximum of eight in a bubble in two rooms.

Can I go in an emergency?

Sources have reported that plans are being made in the event of a mental crisis or other medical emergency and that appropriate medical assistance will be available.

How are the hotels monitored?

Hotels are likely to rely on private security companies to enforce general rules.

Gardaí is not usually expected to be on site, nor is it likely to have a role in escorting passengers from planes and ports to hotels.

However, officials are called to hotels if they are quarantined, fail to comply with the rules, or leave the facility before they are allowed to do so.

What if I don’t follow the rules?

Penalties for violating the mandatory hotel quarantine include fines of up to € 4,000 and / or a one-month prison sentence for a first crime.

The crimes that are subject to these penalties include leaving the facility, endangering the health or safety of another person, or refusing to take a Covid-19 test.