TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Diane Hooper was very happy to be standing in line in Hillsborough County on Thursday afternoon for her COVID-19 vaccine.

“I had no problem. I just called and it was so easy, ”said Hooper.

She is lucky enough to get the vaccine and have a smooth appointment. Many complain that they spend hours online and on the phone trying to get the vaccine.

“It was hard. I had to spend a couple of hours trying and trying and trying,” said John Covell shortly after receiving his vaccine in Hillsborough County.

Some have complained about it People from outside the district add appointment slots in Hillsborough County.

Michael Buckley doesn’t see it that way.

“I’m from Pinellas County and I’m here because I was able to get in here. This is a national program administered by counties in the state of Florida. So I don’t feel bad at all if I come here and get a vaccine, ”Buckley said.

Hillsborough County officials say there are no residency requirements to get the vaccine, although they do not encourage people from outside the area to get vaccinated here

State Emergency Services Director Jared Moskowitz made a strong statement Thursday to deter Canadians chartering flights to Florida from getting a vaccination.

“Vaccine tourism is not allowed. It is horrific that people shouldn’t come here to get vaccinated and be blown out, ”said Moskowitz.

He indicated that it is acceptable for some Canadians to get the vaccine in Florida.

“Vaccinate snowbirds, people who live here, rent, own a house, pay taxes, contribute to the economy, they are entitled. If they get sick while they’re here, they end up in our hospitals, but that’s very different from vaccine tourism, ”said Moskowitz.