Tourists say they feel safe in Santa Fe.

“Santa Fe is the safest place for COVID we’ve been,” said one person.

“We have been to Palm Springs, Zion, Lake Powell, and I would say the people here seem to be more strict about the COVID guidelines,” added another tourist.

Jenn Schroer, Cabinet Division of the New Mexico Department of Tourism, is optimistic about tourism due to the improvement in COVID conditions.

“The Department of Health has ended the 14-day quarantine requirement. It continues to be recommended. That is no longer there,” she said. “This gave many of our tourism companies the opportunity to invite some visitors back.”

However, Schroer warns that things are not entirely normal.

“The tourism department hasn’t launched an official campaign to invite people to New Mexico. It’s not quite – it’s a little premature,” she said. “This industry is going to return and I think we’ll see it steadily return over time and when the vaccine hits the market we’ll see people traveling again.”

Schroer said her department has stepped up its online presence and is preparing for the day they promote travel to the Land of Enchantment.

Saleh Awad, who owns Southwest Connection with his son, said he was thrilled with improving COVID conditions. He hopes this will have an immediate impact on the business.

“I hope business will pick up because we really need it,” he said.