Genting Cruise Lines is the first major cruise line to reopen in July 2020. Two brands are currently in use.

Five Genting ships sail around the world offering different types of cruises, including short haul, week-long luxury voyages and longer expedition cruises.

Here’s the latest, brand by brand:

Dream cruises
Status: 2 ships currently in service
Ships: Genting Dream and World Dream
Regions: Asia – Singapore and Hong Kong

Dream Cruises has been in operation for over 15 months and is currently offering “Super Seacations” from two different Asian home ports – Singapore and Hong Kong.

The World Dream resumed service from Singapore in November 2020. offers short cruises to nowhere. The genting dream in the meantime, offers a similar product from Hong Kong .

Based in Taiwan, the Explorer Dream resumed its service in July 2020, offers domestic cruises in the country. However, operations had to be suspended again in 2021 due to new travel restrictions.

Crystal cruises
Status: Entire fleet of three ships in action
Ships: Crystal Serenity, Crystal Endeavor, and Crystal Symphony
Regions: Bahamas, Bermuda and Northern Europe

The entire Crystal Cruises fleet is currently sailing with guests. The luxury brand Revenue service resumed for the first time in July 2021 with the Crystal Serenity.

From Nassau and Bimini, the ship offers a week-long Bahamas route, which is now Miami as the third home port.

Crystal’s second ocean-going ship resumes service the Symphony, currently sails out of New York on a number of Bermuda cruises.

Delivered to the brand in July, the Crystal Endeavor is currently sailing in Northern Europe, after a first season in Iceland.

Star cruises
Status: No ships in operation
Ships: SuperStar Gemini, SuperStar Aquarius, Star Pisces and The Taipan
Regions: Asia

The Star Cruises fleet will remain out of service for the time being. According to the company’s website, all future trips are currently suspended until further notice.

In May 2021, the brand planned to resume service in Malaysia, with the star fish. However, the operation was canceled before it started.

In Singapore, two different Star Cruises ships were used as accommodation for a short time in 2020. The ships hosted foreign workers recovering from COVID-19.