Governor Kathy Hochul urged New Yorkers today to exercise caution and avoid unnecessary travel in several parts of the state, as two weather systems are expected to produce snow and gusty winds in multiple regions, making roads covered with snow and ice, worse Visibility and potentially dangerous leads to travel conditions through Friday morning. Western New York and the North Country are expected to receive more than a foot of lake effect snow by Friday, with gusts of wind up to 40 mph, causing intermittent whiteout conditions. In the New York City, Long Island, and Mid-Hudson regions, up to six inches or more of snow with winds of up to 40 miles per hour is expected in some locations. Given the forecast, New Yorkers, especially in the Downstate regions, are being encouraged to use local public transport for commuting.

“With more heavy snow and wind in the weather forecast, I encourage New Yorkers to avoid the streets and be prepared for dangerous travel conditions.” said Governor Hochul. “Areas in western New York and the North Country are already experiencing lake effect snow and we expect up to six inches of snow in the downstate areas between tonight and tomorrow morning. Please avoid unnecessary travel to ensure your safety and our maintenance to support.” Crews on the streets clear our highways and bridges quickly and safely. “

Governor Hochul headed government agencies earlier this week Prepare contingency measures in anticipation of storm-related effects in several regions. On Thursday morning, the State Department of Transportation closed the Buffalo Skyway (State Route 5) from Ridge Road to Church Street in the City of Buffalo due to poor visibility due to a lake effect tape delivering several inches of snow per hour.

In areas of western New York and the North Country, lake effect snow will persist Thursday through Friday night, with amounts of snow reaching a foot or more in some locations. Areas in New York City, Long Island, and the Mid-Hudson Valley will experience up to six inches of snow and high winds intermittently through Friday morning, creating dangerous travel conditions, especially during Friday morning commuting.

Multiple weather warnings and warnings were issued across the state for heavy snowfall and high winds, as well as for Jefferson and Oswego through Friday afternoon of flooding on the lakefront. For a full list of weather warnings in your area, contact the National Weather Service website.

Agency preparations

Homeland Security and Emergency Services Department

The emergency center of the New York State Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services will be activated and will closely monitor conditions, coordinate response operations and stay in touch with the premises throughout the duration of the event. Government supplies stand ready to put resources in place to meet any storm-related needs, including pumps, chainsaws, sandbags, generators, cribs, blankets, and water bottles.

Ministry of Transport

As the State Department of Transportation continues its snow and ice response in western New York, the North Country, and other areas across the state, it is also preparing for the coastal storm that is expected in the state. The department urges New Yorkers in the affected areas to avoid unnecessary travel on Friday morning so that snowplow drivers can effectively do their job in response to the storm.

To support snow and ice activities in critical areas, 14 employees, including ten plow wagon drivers, two mechanics, two mechanic supervisors and two mechanic service trucks from other regions, will be sent to the Mid-Hudson region:

  • Four plow drivers, a mechanic, a mechanic supervisor and a mechanic service truck from the capital region.
  • Six plow drivers, a mechanic, a mechanic supervisor and a mechanic service truck from the Mohawk Valley.

All residence locations will remain manned around the clock for the entire duration of the event and will be cleaned with priority. Fleet mechanics in the affected areas will be manning all primary residence locations around the clock to perform repairs and keep trucks on the road. National device numbers are as follows:

  • 1,594 large plow vehicles
  • 149 medium-weight plows
  • 51 tow plows
  • 322 large loaders

The supervisory authorities assess the condition of the road surface and apply brine pre-treatment if necessary. The employees in the Lower Hudson Valley will pre-treat all road surfaces that do not contain enough residual salt with a brine pre-treatment. On Long Island, employees will pre-treat all I-495 ramps, parkway ramps, elevated structures and other areas of concern with brine.

Towing services are used at the following locations to quickly clear accidents and keep traffic moving: I-84 (Dutchess), I-84 (Orange), I-684 (Dutchess), Hutchinson River Parkway, Cross County Parkway, Saw Mill River Parkway, Sprain Brook State Parkway, and Taconic State Parkway. The need for additional towing services will be reassessed during the course of the event. HELP truck beats and service times are extended on Long Island.

For the latest travel information, call 511, visit or download the free 511NY. down App.

Motorway Authority

The Thruway Authority has 677 operators and overseers on hand with 230 large snow plows, 118 medium snow plows, 11 tow plows and 66 loaders across the state carrying more than 119,000 tons of road salt. Snow and ice teams are staffed for 24/7 operations across the state. Additional resources can be relocated to affected regions as required.

The Buffalo Division of the Thruway Authority is actively involved in snow and ice operations for the ongoing sea-effect storm. The Operations Center was activated on Wednesday evening and will remain open for the duration of the event.

The New York Division is engaged in anti-icing operations ahead of the snowfall forecast for tonight and the crews will be fully deployed when the coastal storm arrives.

Variable message signs and social media are used to alert motorists to winter weather conditions on the highway.

The Thruway Authority encourages motorists to do their. to download App which is available for free for iPhone and Android devices. The app gives drivers direct access to traffic and navigation aids in real time while on the move. Motorists can also register TRANSalert Emails with current traffic information on the motorway here.

Environmental Protection Department

The DEC Environmental Protection Police officers, forest rangers, emergency management staff and regional staff are on alert, monitoring the evolving situation and actively patrolling areas and infrastructures that may be affected by severe weather. All available resources are positioned to help with any emergency response.

Office for Parks, Recreation and Monument Preservation

The New York State Park police and park personnel are on alert and are closely monitoring weather conditions and effects. Park visitors should check or call the local parking office for the latest information on parking times, openings and closings.

Public Service Department

New York utilities have approximately 5,500 employees who are involved in damage assessment, response, and remedial actions across New York state. The agency’s staff will follow the work of the utilities throughout the event and ensure that the utilities relocate appropriate personnel to the regions that are expected to be most affected.

New York State Police

The state police are ready to send additional soldiers to the affected areas if necessary. All state police 4×4 and specialty vehicles are ready and ready for immediate use, and all emergency power and communications equipment has been tested.

New York Electricity Authority / Canal Corporation

The New York City Electricity Department and Canal Corporation personnel are preparing to ensure that all facilities, assets and equipment are secured and operational. The electricity authority stands ready to support activities to restore the electricity supply if necessary.

Metropolitan Transportation Authority

The MTA closely monitors weather conditions to ensure safe and reliable service. MTA employees will be ready to distribute salt, clear platforms and stairs of snow and ice and keep signals, switches and the third rail in operation. MTA Bridges and Tunnels advises motorists to avoid unnecessary journeys and to drive at a reduced speed. Metro-North Railroad operates on Saturday’s schedule with additional trains. Articulated buses in New York City will be fitted with chains before the Friday morning rush hour. The Long Island Rail Road plans a regular schedule on weekdays.

Customers are encouraged to check for the latest service updates and be careful when navigating the system. Customers should also sign up for real-time service notifications via SMS or email. These alerts are also available through the MTA apps: MYmta, Long Island Rail Road Train Time, and Metro-North Train Time.

New York and New Jersey Port Authority

The port authority is preparing for an expected winter snow event from Thursday night to Friday morning. Travelers using the airports, bus station and port authority bus station are encouraged to contact the airlines and airlines directly for the latest information on delays, cancellations or rebooking. Speed ​​limits on the bridges of the Port Authority may also be put in place depending on the conditions. Up-to-date information on weather-related effects on airports and other port authority facilities can be found on social media, sign up for PA warnings or download one of the Mobile PA apps.