To meet the needs of emerging markets post COVID-19 and improve guest satisfaction while maintaining business operations and sustainability, hoteliers should consider payment processes as important as room availability, rates and inventory. To help you review your payment transactions, Guestline will guide you through the basic criteria to consider when choosing a new payment solution: –

Guest settings

The payment preferences of modern guests have changed, so hotel payment systems must take into account the preferences of the new guests. Payment processing systems for hotels can integrate modern payment solutions such as a digital wallet, pay-per-link, virtual cards and contactless cards and allow guests to pay in any currency.

Operational efficiency

Any future payment solution must be integrated with existing software that manages the business operations (e.g. Internet Booking Engine (IBE), Channel Manager, EPoS, Property Management System (PMS), etc.) to support payment processing and save time . Make sure the guest experience goes smoothly and no revenue is missed.

Cash in circulation

In addition, the right hotel payment solution offers transparent prices for all transactions, interchange, scheme and acquirer fees (IC ++) as well as quick access to funds so that the hotel’s cash flow is not affected by hidden fees.

Compliance & Security

The payment gateway must be reliable, trustworthy and secure for both customers and the hotel. Compliance and security are critical to any modern business – and hoteliers need to choose a hotel payment processing provider that prevents chargebacks, easily manages refunds, and up-to-date business standards like the Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2), Payment Card (PCI) security Industry). General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and point-to-point encryption (P2PE).

Ongoing relationship

It’s important to choose a solution that is future-proof, constantly updated to meet today’s guest needs, and available when you need it most – from seamless onboarding to immediate support.

New eBook

The Top Criteria for Hotel Payment Processing Post COVID-19 ebook contains all the essential information you need to know before choosing a new payment processing solution or upgrading an existing one. The pros and cons of opting for an end-to-end, integrated payment solution are clearly highlighted so you can make an informed decision that will benefit your business over the long term.

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