Tamil Nadu was hit by the Covid-19 pandemic relatively late compared to the rest of the country.

The tourist attractions in Tamil Nadu have been closed for 80 days.

In contrast to northern Indian states, where hill stations were busy with tourists, the hilly tourist spots in Tamil Nadu remain closed.

The second wave of Covid hit Tamil Nadu relatively late compared to the rest of the country and the unlocking process is still ongoing. Although movement between and within counties has been made easier, and the e-passport and e-registration for travel have been abolished, hill stations in the state have yet to open.

Kodaikanal, one of the popular hill station destinations, reopened on July 5th, but it turned out that all the parks were crowded with people, causing the district government to close all of the parks again.

In other hilltop tourist towns such as Ooty and Yercaud, the district administration is waiting for instructions from the state government to open up. These tourist attractions have been closed for the past 80 days due to the surge in Covid-19 cases.

As the numbers gradually decline and all counties experience easing, it is likely that these hill stations will open soon.

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