Austin currently has five pro lodges with a total of 340 rooms.

AUSTIN, Texas – Austin’s homeless hotels have been making headlines quite a bit recently.

Of Prop B., one of the proposals on the May 1 ballot to reintroduce the homeless camping ban on the controversial purchase of the Candlewood Suites There was a lot to talk about in Williamson County.

So we decided to ask the city of Austin about the pro-lodges that are designed to help get some homeless off the streets and into more permanent accommodation.

Here is a breakdown of the occupancy of these hotels.

Five pro-lodges with a total of 340 rooms for the homeless have currently been purchased. 177 homeless people currently live in these rooms. The remaining rooms are either repaired, cleaned or prepared for the residents.

The city also said that one of these pro-lodges will close in May as part of these pro-lodges were intended to help with the COVID-19 emergency response.

Austin also has a proposal to open a bridge house in another hotel soon. It would house the homeless preparing to live more permanently.

Last Sunday another protest occurred outside of Candlewood Suites – the hotel near Highway 183 and State Highway 45 that was recently approved by the city of Austin for housing the Austin homeless. Candlewood Suites is technically in Williamson County, and Judge Bill Gravell said Mayor Steve Adler never told him of his plans for the hotel and he didn’t find out until the deal was closed.

Voters in Austin will decide on May 1st Sentence B.. The goal is to restore the city of Austin homeless Camping ban that was reversed in July 2019. Both support and opposition to the proposal were strong in the months leading up to the elections.

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