Apple Leisure Group Vacation (ALGV) has always provided resources to help travel advisors, and the company continues to do so during the coronavirus pandemic.

Earlier this year, the most timely COVID-19 testing toolkit for travel agencies was created so that consultants can conveniently refer to the constantly changing updates. The information in this toolkit includes the availability of on-site testing, entry requirements for travel destinations, partner airline policies, quarantine offers, hotel logs, and more.


This useful information enables travel consultants not only to stay up to date themselves, but also to keep their customers informed about the changing atmosphere in the travel industry. A downloadable Excel sheet is updated daily so that consultants can be sure to share this information with traveling clients.

This toolkit is included in ALGV’s Supplier Showcase on VAX VacationAccess, along with several other resources that some travel consultants may not use. VAX VacationAccess is an indispensable tool for travel agencies that connects them not only with ALG Vacations, but also with many other travel providers. From supplier and destination information to training and offers, everything VAX VacationAccess has to offer can take your business to the next level.

There are some instances when agents need to use the carrier’s call center for assistance – adding or removing a passenger from a reservation, changing a name on a scheduled flight, requesting hotel rooms by contingent, etc. – but agents can do a lot on their own VAX VacationAccess.

Save time by completing tasks like changing hotels, adding or removing features, booking open-jawed itineraries, adding an agency fee, price matching, and requesting refunds, etc. VAX VacationAccess even offers step-by-step Step-by-step instructions on how to complete these tasks.

Funjet Vacations login page on VAX VacationAccess

There’s a lot going on with VAX VacationAccess, which means you won’t have it all overnight. Take some time to get to know the website and navigate through all of its features. In addition to making reservations, attend some interesting webinars. browse the supplier pages; Check the available CDC updates and just get familiar with the site.

If you would like to take your training a step further, contact your ALGV Business Development Manager (s). They are most likely happy to lead your agency through an ALGV-focused VAX VacationAccess training course or point you in the right direction to optimize the ALGV training tools available to your agency.