Is it safe to travel with your child after vaccination? Many customers are planning a summer vacation this year looking forward to a full vaccination. The best advice a family lawyer can offer is to talk to the other parent as soon as possible. According to the CDC, as of June 2, 2021, 50.8% of the US population will be vaccinated with at least one dose. However, there are still many domestic and international travel restrictions in place.

What do I have to consider when traveling?

If a parent is planning a vacation outside of the United States, everyone involved should discuss the logistics of the testing or quarantine required prior to departure. Traveling within the US can be a little easier as vaccination rates rise and cities reopen fully. It is obvious that there are different rules regarding vaccinations, quarantine, wearing a mask, social distancing and dealing with others at home and abroad.

Both parents should be aware of the following questions:

  • Who does the vaccination with the family? Are all eligible members of the vacation group vaccinated?
  • Will the children and other members of the holiday company wear a mask in public?
  • Where is the place of travel and what are the COVID-19 restrictions there?
  • If you travel with other people who are not fully vaccinated, will they wear their masks around the children?
  • Do you need to show the other parent proof of vaccination?
  • Will the children be quarantined after their return and with whom?
  • What if the child or children have a health condition such as asthma? What precautions are in place to ensure the protection of the child?

The best advice is to double-check all the information about where you are going and plan well in advance. Parents traveling must follow all of the safety requirements of the location they are traveling to and be willing to be flexible in case their plans change. In addition, parents should be careful when booking flights and check the airline’s security measures to avoid contracting COVID.

If you have any questions about how summer travel will be included in your custody contract, reach out to our family law attorneys. We would be happy to advise you in this challenging time.

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