PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – Without air conditioning, the heat can feel unbearable even in your own home this weekend. There may not be many places to get away from this heat, but hotels say they are a popular choice this weekend.

The inn at Northrup Station said their reservations would be quick. On Friday afternoon the hotel was already 95% booked due to the heat wave. Other hotels told FOX 12 that they saw a similar increase in reservations for the weekend.

Hotels say they are seeing a steady increase from week to week as COVID restrictions across the country have been lifted and more people are comfortable getting off. They say this contributed to some of the increase in reserved rooms, but the Northrup Train Station inn says customers specifically booked this weekend because of the heat.

“It seems that a lot of people are planning stays. I’ve gotten some calls asking if we have air conditioning because it seems a lot of people in town don’t have air conditioning so that’s just something we offer, ”said employee Mason Johnson Johnson.

Other hotels told FOX 12 that they have some rooms open for Sunday and Monday, saying if those rooms are booked it will surely be because of the heat. Many hotels say they are almost full.

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