GEORGE CITY: Hotels in Penang are facing the possibility of temporary or permanent closure in the next few weeks following the last motion control command.

Malaysia Association of Hotels Penang Chairman K. Raj Kumar said the situation was extremely bleak for hoteliers as MCO 3.0 would last until June 7th.

“It’s too early to say which hotel would succumb to the effects, but that could happen after the festive celebration, be it temporary or permanent.

“The nationwide MCO surprised us as many of us still sort a lot of things.

“We have suffered from the ongoing impact of the previous MCOs,” he said.

Raj Kumar said many hotels have run two to five rooms a day this year and are relying on the food and beverage business to cushion the losses.

“Now that no food is allowed, our food and beverage companies will be dead. And even if hotels want to rely on room bookings, what business is there for us?

“Booking a room or two for business travelers won’t do anything,” he added.

Raj Kumar said hoteliers were already at the end of their joke and urged the state and federal government to consider allowing hotels to dine with strict SOP.

“Statistics have shown that Covid-19 clusters emerged primarily from factories, and even if hotels contributed to these numbers, the percentage is small.

“It shows that we have taken strict measures to ensure that the SOP is followed. We ask that dinner be taken into account, ”he added.

Raj Kumar called on the state and federal government to vaccinate at least 30% of those employed in the hotel industry.

“This industry is important too, and if we’re not paid attention, how would we recover and help the economy recover?

“It’s okay if the government can’t vaccinate everyone in the industry. But at least think of those on the front lines like front office workers, cleaning staff, and food and beverage staff.

“It is important for the government to involve the hoteliers in discussions so that we can survive. If the tourism industry dies, a lot of people will be affected and we will lose a lot of things, ”he said.