PEBBLE BEACH, Calif. (KION) Car Week and Concours d’Elegance are back after a year off, and car enthusiasts are flocking to the Central Coast to watch the events.

The last days of Car Week are approaching and the search for a hotel on the peninsula is still in full swing. The hard part for some visitors is that hotels require multiple night stays.

“We only wanted to come here for one evening and it was a bit of a challenge to find a hotel that would accommodate someone for a short time, but we found a hotel in Carmel. Probably a little more expensive than normal,” said Kurt Weidner. who is visiting from Novato.

All over the peninsula, many hotels – like Portola, Tides, and Casa Munras – are all fully booked despite the pandemic, some a year in advance. A spokesman for the Pebble Beach Company, where the main event takes place, said in a statement that it would be almost entirely domestic travelers.

The best advice we got? Look early and months before Car Week.

“That is really the key to knowing that people are traveling now,” says Tony Wisniewski, Senior Marketing Manager at Carl Zeiss. “This is a big show. You need to make sure you get your room early enough to get something at a reasonable price.”

Others got lucky and looked for somewhere to stay outside the peninsula.

“We’re staying in Salinas because that’s the only place we could find for a reasonable price,” said Phoenix, Phaulner Monroid of AZ.

Ranbir Chawla of Loveland, CO said, “It’s just easier to stay out of town a bit and drive fifteen, twenty minutes.”

Hotels weren’t the only way. Some chose to stay with friends while others chose the AirBNB or Verbo route. And if you think accommodation is hard to find, some say finding transportation is just as bad.

“We tried renting a car here and it was a hassle to rent a car,” said Jame Rimmer and Lydia Peacock of Denver, CO.

UBER is also an option for traveling to and from all Car Week events.