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Company headquartered in New York City have moved to another location in large numbers or are planning to leave, mainly to Florida or other welcoming locations in the Southeast.

Some companies like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan & Co. have Wall Street roots dating back to the mid-19th century.

Thousands of high paying jobs at financial institutions have been packed up and like employers Swiss credit, Morgan Stanley, Barclays, UBS, City group and Alliance Amber relocated employees to cheaper destinations in North Carolina, Dallas, Nashville, and Salt Lake City.

Also residents, can’t escape Manhattan fast enough. Approximately 3.57 million people, including many high-income earners, left Manhattan between January 1 and December 7, 2020. Although millions, mostly on lower incomes, came to replace them, the city’s net exodus cost the city 34 billion US dollars in revenue.

Both individuals and companies gave the same reasons for leaving Dodge while the exit was still good: high taxes, rising cost of living, Major Bill de Blasio incompetent governance, calls to weaken the police amid ever-growing arbitrary crime and questionable school closings.

A Manhattan Commission poll found that 44 percent of city residents who earn more than $ 100,000 and contribute 80 percent of the city’s income tax revenues have considered moving. Auditor Scott Stringer warned that the city’s wealthiest residents who remain should be willing to pay higher taxes to close the huge $ 4.2 billion deficit.

While legitimate companies and the executives who manage them are fleeing the Big Apple, another, albeit less palatable, industry thrives with dubious oversight. Birth tourism, the blatant abuse of federal immigration law, is resurrecting in New York.

But a warning to Stringer who may expect a tax gain: Birth tourism is often unregulated and unlicensed. Similar maternity hotel operators have been charged with tax evasion. Stringer’s town may never see a dime.

2015 in Santa Ana, Federal agents executed 35 search warrants resulting from the work of. came from Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Homeland Security Investigations in Los Angeles, IRS criminal investigations, the Irvine Police and the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department. The result: federal criminal charges of widespread immigration fraud, international money laundering, and fraud against property owners who rented their apartments and houses to house the foreigners.

The The Los Angeles Times reported that at that time there were several hundred Chinese birthplaces recorded in Southern California.

The original in California years ago is unchanged today in New York. Operators set up a website in the foreigner’s native language – most commonly Chinese, but also Korean, Russian, and Spanish – to encourage pregnant women to pay between $ 40,000 and $ 80,000.

In return for the princely sum, the women receive coaching on how to deceive airport immigration officials, how to receive ethnically specific care in the US and how to give birth to a child with American citizenship.

Too often, US taxpayers collect a large portion of the bill. A Chinese couple paid the Needy hospital rate – $ 4,080 – although they had more than $ 225,000 in a bank account they opened to pay for luxury shopping trips.

It is not known how many in the United States skip payment altogether. leaving unpaid medical bills for giving birth to babies has been reported in the Northern Mariana Islands, significant because children born there can receive US citizenship as US territory.

A reported birth tourism case in Canada left hospital with an unpaid $ 1.2 million newborn bill.

Little has changed in the birthing industry since the practice became common 30 years ago. A May 15th New York Post story revealed that in the greater area 80 birth centers operate boldly.

Still congress for inexplicable reasons continue to tolerate what is being carried out in front of you with impunity for several federal crimes: Visa application fraud, money laundering, Medicare Fraud, income tax fraud, and identity theft.

Birth tourism is terrible for America, and poses a threat to national security. Anchor babies who are US citizenship under the 14. Amendments Misinterpretation means that thousands of people are receiving free K-12 public training and countless other positive benefits through a fraudulent process.

Eventually, they will serve as anchors for their returned parents and extended non-nuclear family members who will receive equal entitlements.

With political courage, three solutions could end birth tourism in the short term.

First, fully prosecute offenders, including mothers. After you get a medical certificate that the mother can travel safely, you fly her home. Otherwise, she can give birth under medical supervision while in custody and then be sent home. She will achieve her original goal of being a citizen child, but under dramatically different circumstances than she had originally imagined.

Second, Congress has to get tougher. Remove the lure of citizenship; Enact legislation that requires citizenship to require at least one parent to be a national or legal resident. Unsurprisingly, previous common sense reform efforts to reform citizenship had few congressional co-sponsors.

Third, use the “Fruit from the poisonous tree” Doctrine which, in cases of citizenship at birth, would mean that citizenship benefits were illegally acquired and must therefore be forfeited to the government, e.g. Congress cannot continue to roll over the three-decade-old birth tourism fraud that harms Americans and helps foreign nationals, mostly Chinese.

These bold but lawful measures would minimize and eventually end childbirth tourism. The remedies suggested are simple, direct and legal.

Nonetheless, a sluggish Congress stubbornly refuses to implement any of the three measures and is content to tacitly die Soli juice Process – Latin means “the right to land” – which other most developed nations abolished long ago.

The United States should join other advanced nations and grant valued citizenship based on the nationality or residency status of the child’s parents.

– Joe Guzzardi is an analyst and researcher at Progressive for immigration reform who now lives in Pittsburgh. He can be reached at [email protected], or follow him on Twitter: @ joeguzzardi19. Click here to read the previous columns. The opinions expressed are his own.