While no one could have imagined the world would be in the state it is in today amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, travel advisors continue to try to keep up to date with the latest protocols and guidelines.

In a way, the pandemic has made would-be holidaymakers and even avid travelers rely on advisors now more than ever. However, the ever-changing destination regulations are proving difficult even for agents to keep up to date.


ALG Vacations continues to seek opportunities to assist consultants in this area, and the vacation company’s goal is to conveniently share information that is both accurate and current.

Let’s turn to that CDC and Ministry of Foreign Affairs Guidance should always be step number one; However, these rules and regulations are not always the easiest to decipher. ALG has launched a new section for travel advisors to find help understanding the number of international COVID travel updates.

this new reference page can be a go-to resource for travel agents when they have clients who have tested positive at a destination and are unsure of what to do, or need help locating a testing location before returning home.

In addition to this resource, ALG also has another tool specifically for agents who have clients who need assistance while traveling. The While Traveling page offers insightful information such as new health and safety protocols, tips to help travelers stay safe while on vacation and advice on what to do if an airline cancels a flight.

This page also contains a range of other tools for consultants: up-to-date airline policies, up-to-date hotel and destination logs, a quick guide to ALGV policies, and more.

United Airlines Mask Policy. (Photo via United Airlines Media)

In this ever-changing climate, it’s not about memorizing everything, it’s about knowing where to find the resources you need quickly. ALG put together these tools to help agencies become more efficient and spend more time in the day doing what they love – making vacation dreams come true.

Access to these helpful tools and resources is just another reason why travel consultants can count on ALG Vacations and why they can trust the company to take care of their mutual customers.