Travel Juneau CEO Richard Burns

Juneau, Alaska (KINY) – An update from Travel Juneau highlights the agenda for the Land, Housing and Economic Development Committee on Monday evening.

The committee asked for information on how memorandum of agreements with destination marketing organizations such as Travel Juneau work.

A memo from Travel Juneau Chairman Richard Burns suggests that appointments to the organization’s board of directors be approved by the Congregation’s Personnel Committee. Burns wrote, “While no other DMOs in Alaska have this type of governance, the Travel Juneau Board operates in an open and transparent manner, and we want the city leadership to have the opportunity to review and approve the Travel Juneau Board appointees for the sake of confidence to strengthen Juneau’s work and leadership in both Travel. “

The organization is proposing to take the process gradually, starting with the currently open seat and the four seats that expire on June 30, 2022, three of which are in their first three-year term under Travel Juneau’s statutes.

Burns added that the Travel Juneau board is keen to ensure that the board is representative of its constituency. He said
the current board is an example of these priorities in action. Currently represented on the board are a hotelier, a small business owner, a restaurateur and cultural tourism in the form of an Alaska Native Business Burn and including a representative for marketing and advertising and a representative of the assembly.

In addition, the members will take up an ordinance that provides for the reallocation of properties along the Honsinger Drive from industrial to general commercial areas. It is recommended that the action be forwarded to the General Assembly.

The committee will respond to a request from David McCasland of Franklin Foods LLC, the owner and operator of Deckhand Dave’s, to purchase CBJ property at 139 South Franklin Street, formerly known as Pocket Park.

Franklin Foods is currently renting the property. A memo to the committee states that McCasland has a contract to buy the former Gastineau Apartments property, which is adjacent to his restaurant. The staff recommends referring the matter to the assembly.

Members are also informed of the status of housing initiatives and updates to the land use law.

The meeting, postponed from last Monday, is to be called this Monday at 5 p.m.