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Hamilton College Continentals beat Vassar College Brewers 9-0 on Sunday afternoon at Vassar’s Kenyon Squash Courts.

Hamilton, who ranks 23rd in college squash overall, improved his record to 6-7. Eight games lasted at least three games and Ellie Arnold ’22 recorded their victory by default. The Brewers in 30th fell back to 6-4.

The Continentals return to courts on Friday, February 11 when they host the 2022 NESCAC Women’s Squash Championship at Little Squash Center.

Sarah Steinstr ’25, Eliana Good ’24 and Eleanor Bailey ’25 were Hamilton’s winners at the top of the ladder. Bailey tied her season record 6-6.

Madison Sakheim ’22, Zoe Reinert ’24 and Eleanor Struthers ’22 dominates in the middle of the ladder. Sakheim earned her 30th career win and Struthers leads the team with nine this season.

Sydney Soloway ’22 gave up just three points to her opponent in seventh place, and Elisha Glass ’25 with their triumph in eighth place to 5: 3 this season.