LaGrange (4-0) maintained its dominant start to the season on Friday evening with a 48-6 win over Kendrick.

The Grangers led 28-0 at the start of the second quarter in a game in which they controlled everything from start to finish.

AJ Tucker opened the scoring with a 12-yard touchdown rush, and Magic Johnson followed with an 18-yard score to give LaGrange a 14-0 lead.

The next possession, Kendrick was forced to poke deep into his own territory and the situation only got worse. The Kendrick punter dropped the ball and fell on it at the 5-yard line, preparing the Grangers for another touchdown.

Asa Leath scored a goal on that drive and advanced LaGrange 21-0 with 1:20 in the first quarter.

Kendrick moved the ball on his next drive, but quarterback Jaiden Carter fumbled at the end of a long run. LaGrange recovered and prepared Tucker for a 43-yard touchdown run to give LaGrange four touchdowns.

Leath scored again on a 5-yard touchdown run with 4:22 in the first half. Tucker added another roaring touchdown – his third of the first half – and LaGrange had a 41-0 lead in the half.

LaGrange will play at Shaw (0-3) next week.