The largest state in the continental US, Texas offers everything from desert landscapes and rolling hills to several blooming metropolises. The mild winter season is perfect for exploring newly opened restaurants, relaxing in luxurious new hotels and of course shopping for the best cowboy boots in the country.

That just opened in Austin Commodore Perry EstateThe restored 1920s mansion takes guests back in time with its great Gatsby vibe, including a crackling old record player, a library full of leather-bound classics, Prohibition-era art, and some of the property’s original tile floors. The only reason to tear yourself away is for a taco (Austin remains a taco mecca), especially since LA boss Christopher Haydostian is hurling Californian-Mexican cuisine to the stronghold of Tex with the new Reunión 19, with which Cal-Mex is hurling Cal-Mex -Mex has brought the highest quality ingredients, from pressed and cooked corn tortillas to carne asada tacos made with ribeye. And since tacos pair remarkably well with a rich red, plan a trip to beautiful Texas Hill Country to explore one of America’s liveliest wine regions. Don’t miss out on some of the newest kids on the block, Kalasi cellar and Sandy Road vineyards.

Every visitor to Dallas should take the time to see what’s impressive Holocaust and Human Rights Museum, Founded in 1977, but now moved and reinterpreted thanks to a $ 84 million fundraiser. Since opening last year, the new copper-clad museum, designed by local architecture firm Omniplan, has secured its place among the most interactive, educational, and important institutions in the world devoted to racism and genocide. And while the city is full of beautiful hotels, none is as historic as that Statlerwhich originally served as the hangout (and crash pad) for the mid-20th century celebrity set. After a recent major renovation, the hotel is a drinking and dining destination in itself, with six restaurants and bars focused on whiskey Bourbon & Banter to a rooftop bar and lounge. For a more modern boutique experience, this offers Kimpton Pittman Hotel Just opened over the summer in Deep Ellum, with paintings by local artists on the wall, a yoga mat in every room and chef Graham Dodds’ chic “farmhouse” and Elm & Good cocktail joint.

Greg and Nikhila Narra Davis, founders of Kalasi Cellars, left, and the Holocaust and Human Rights Museum in Dallas.

Kalasi Keller / Holocaust and Human Rights Museum

And although Houston and San Antonio register as more obvious destinations, El Paso on the border with Mexico in western Texas is one of the most fascinating cities in the state with a distinctly bilingual and bicultural flair. It’s also a great place to shop for bespoke cowboy boots, with Rocketbuster your must-see destination. With its extensive selection of leathers (including coveted kangaroos), rivets, stitching and colors, your dream boots are just a custom-made product away. After a day of boat shopping, gorditas, and hiking in the West Texas hills, travelers can retreat to the restored homes Plaza Hotel Pioneer ParkOriginally built by Conrad Hilton, the Art Deco skyscraper from the 1930s has now been reinterpreted as a boutique hotel. You’ll be looking for one of the six expansive Landmark Suites with great views of San Jacinto Plaza or the nearby Franklin Mountains.