“The Wolverines held their second event of the spring at Belleville Lake after greeting Texas in April, and won all six races.
“UM’s 1V8 took an impressive win, beating Louisville and Iowa to take the win.
“Despite sunny skies and warm temperatures, the crews struggled with strong cross winds and some blows on the water.
»After another free weekend, UM will start at the Big Ten Championships (May 16) in Indianapolis.

Page? ˅: Belleville, me. (Belleville Lake)
Event: Michigan v Iowa, Louisville (Seniors Day)
First Varsity Eight Finish: 6: 36.95 (1.)
Next UM event: Sunday May 16 – Big Ten Championships (Indianapolis, Ind.), TBA

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BELLEVILLE, me. The University of Michigan No. 5 rowing program defeated Big Ten opponents Iowa and ACC opponents Louisville during the program’s second of two home regattas at Belleville Lake on Sunday (May 2). UM defeated the Hawkeyes and Cardinals in every event and won a total of six races to end the regular season victoriously.

Sunny skies made for a lovely morning on the water. Temperatures were in the low 70’s by the end of the morning. A strong crosswind required expert planning and communication from the helmsman on the line-up, while the crews fought against a blow on the water, especially in the middle of the course.

The event was supposed to include a Senior Day Recognition after the event, but UM had to delay the event. Details will be announced at a later date. But that didn’t change how special it was for the seniors in attendance to drive one last time at Belleville Lake.

Older helmsmen Eliese Hornberger-Rocco (3V4), Darien Moses (2V4) and Charlotte Powers (1V8) all of their boats led to victories during the session and several other departing student-athletes took the opportunity to drive for the last time on Belleville Lake as motivation for outstanding races.

Powers led the 1V8 to an impressive win in 6: 36.95, crossing over 16 seconds ahead of Louisville. The race was almost 700 meters long before UM withdrew. senior citizens Paige Badenhorst, Kate Burns, Julia Gehlert, Emma Luniewicz and Noah medium gave this boat an experienced lineup, but the collective group had not spent much time together in the same boat. It didn’t show up to see their performance.

For Badenhorst and Gehlert it was their last race at home and they used the moment with a strong performance. Louisville took the first lead of the race and UM was not found back. After 200 yards, Michigan had taken the lead, but not enough to separate from the pack. As the water began to chop, the Wolverines and Cardinals moved forward and then were pushed even further in front of the Hawkeyes when Iowa caught a crab and took it out of the running. UM navigated the chop beautifully and built on its lead as the race turned into a two-boat affair, pushing the Cardinals further and further ahead to develop a 16.12 second profit margin.

Michigan led from the start in the 2V8 race, with Louisville pushing the Wolverines early. The race was tightly packed; There were few leads between the UM boat with first place and the two boats battling for second and third place. Iowa moved up to second over the middle 500 yards, chasing the Wolverines.

The 2V8 presented Megan Hinkle as a lonely senior of the boat and also had three real newbies in the lineup. Hinkle helped create exceptional speed for the boat as it was rowing together for the first time all spring. During a period of calm water, the boat increased its flapping frequency, took a three-seat lead, and extended it to a 15-seat lead. That was enough for the win as UM beat Hawkeyes by 10 seconds and Louisville by 30 seconds at 6: 45.5.

The 1V4 race was last held after a slight change in the schedule and was another excellent event. Taylor Toudouze and Kathryn Ward kept the senior’s coat in the boat and they made sure their boat was fueled to win.

UM put a boat length of open water up to the 500-meter mark on the field, and it was Louisville and Iowa who traded bowballs for second place. The Wolverines continued to build their lead in the open water as the boats struggled through rough water and even had white caps in some areas. Nevertheless, UM kept its sovereign lead in check up to the finish line and set the victory at 7: 28.34. Louisville stormed into Iowa and tried to eat at the top. They passed the Hawkeyes near the 1,500 meter mark and cleared the deficit in second place for the last time.

The 2V4 event demonstrated another dominant UM performance. senior citizens Ally Eggleton and Lara Vanderbilt, the topic of the last month Scholar Stories functionhelped guide the crew. The 2V4’s lead was insignificant at first, but as the number of strokes increased, the boat crossed in front of its opponents, leaving them far behind. Iowa and Louisville battled for second place, with UM crossing 49.43 seconds ahead of runner-up Hawkeyes.

In the 3V4 race, UM made a statement with UM’s boat, which was piloted by Hornberger-Rocco. The team had given Iowa open water just 200 yards before the race. The Wolverines continued to accelerate the pace and even fought their way through a lane in the middle of the route, building a lead of more than four boat lengths up to the 1,000-meter mark. In the final half, UM’s lead increased to 100 yards over the Hawkeyes and they crossed the finish line another 40.42 seconds ahead of Iowa.

Michigan’s 1N8 boat started the day with a 14.21-second win over Iowa. UMs 2N8 came second. The 1N8 has covered a boat length or more in open water by halfway through the race, continuing its impressive races in recent weeks.


First Uni Eight
1. MICHIGAN – 6:36.95
2. Louisville – 6:53:07
3. Iowa – 7:37:01

Second university eight
1. MICHIGAN – 6:45.5
2. Iowa – 6: 55.69
3. Louisville- 7:13.78

First university four
1 MICHIGAN – 7:28, 34
2. Louisville- 7:47.59
3. Iowa – 8:01.72

Second university four
1. MICHIGAN – 7: 32.0
2. Iowa – 8:21.43
3. Louisville- 8:24.59

Third University Four
1. MICHIGAN – 7:53.84
2. Iowa – 8:33.46

First newbie eight
1. MICHIGAN – (winning time not recorded)
2. Iowa (1N8) – +14.21
3. MICHIGAN (2N8) – +24.80
4. Iowa (2N8) – +34.05

1V8: Charlotte Powers (Helmsman), Julia Gehlert, Ariana Shokoohi, Kate Burns, Noah medium, Elena Collier-Hezel, Paige Badenhorst, Zara Collisson, Emma Luniewicz

2V8: Alexandra Gabel (Helmsman), Lillian Mei, Victoria Cooke, Delaney Evans, Megan Hinkle, Lauren Benitez, Abigail Dent, Tara Flaherty, Sarah McKay

1V4: Kathryn Ward, Madelyn Ball, Taylor Toudouze, Haven Essien, Ainslie Evans (Helmsman)

2V4: Lauren Sickmiller, Ally Eggleton, Lara Vanderbilt, Jeri Rhodes, Darien Moses (Helmsman)

3V4: Annika Ehrlacher, Kendra Sanders, Caroline McGee, Hadley Camp, Eliese Hornberger-Rocco (Helmsman)

1N8: Believe Bridgeman (helmsman), Isabel Mezei, Brooke Gietzen, Katie Lucken, Julia Casey, Olivia McMullen, Ashley Veldheer, Chloe Pulick, Olivia Krum

2N8: Caitlin Dusenbury (helmsman), Lily Pence, Lauren Langley, Olivia Olk, Sophie Rallis, Hawthorne Haywood, Molly Maloy, Kate Kikilo and Brooke Harrison