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Motels busy with individuals needing shelter from the winter storm


Hearne, Texas (KBTX) – Most of the town of Hearne was closed on Monday morning after five and a half inches of snow fell overnight.

Where you could find traffic was at the gas stations. People came from surrounding communities.

Jim Boyd braved the roads that ran from Bremond.

“Lots of snow on the road. It’s not bad if you have four-wheel drive, but you definitely need to be careful, ”said Boyd.

Boyd, along with others, was looking for a store that was open.

“To try and find some propane and get some gasoline in my truck,” Boyd said.

“To get some cough suppressant and the basics we need for the house,” said Arthur Gutierrez.

Other Robertson County residents came to Hearne looking for a place to stay in power.

The Budgetel Inn and Suites informed KBTX that many people were looking for a warm place to stay.

They were fully booked at the Holiday Inn Express.

“Most of it is drivers, people who you know are just passing through just can’t go any further,” said Keith Tartlon, a Holiday Inn and Suites representative.

Tarlton says this is usually a slow time for the hotel so it is good for business and for helping.

“Nobody likes to be cold, it’s one thing to be hot, it’s another to be cold. It is a great help to these people who have no power in the whole city and the surrounding towns, ”said Tarlton.

Those in Robertson County looking for vacant housing can visit the Pridgeon Center in Franklin.

Took a fast but slow ride to the Loves. It’s not bad if you drive slowly, but the roads are not plowed. pic.twitter.com/HgvraNMOoZ

– Jessica Gruenling (@JessGruenling) February 15, 2021

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