DALLAS, February 2, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Does Valentine’s Day bring you all those warm, fuzzy feelings, or does it show annual flashbacks of the former flame you got it wrong? For travelers with emotional baggage looking for closure and sweet revenge, Hotels.com® lists the only stay that is suitable for a garbage – a Dumpster.

Well through February 12th at the 8 p.m. ET, Visit hotels.com/vdaydumpsterstay to tell us why your ex deserves a dump and where your dreamiest hotel stay would be. You will receive a completely fictitious and yet equally satisfactory booking confirmation email for your ex’s figurative V-Day Dumpster Stay. In return, you will receive a suite reward in the form of a 300 dollars Hotels.com Gift card (with no expiration date – so ready to check in when you are). Who Said Breakups Have To Suck?

That’s right – if you just book your trashy ex-dumpster stay, you’ll be rewarded to reward your dream hotel stay – and we envision a stylish penthouse suite. Now you both fall asleep where you belong!

Do you sleep in a dumpster? No, we’re not that crazy, but just imagine the satisfaction and closure you get when you sleep in a plush five star hotel bed after sending them to the dump. As they say, vengeance is a dish best served as room service in bed with robe and uninterrupted cable television. You say that, don’t you?

“If there are two truths we can all agree on, then we have a terrible ex who should be left behind in the past, and travel is always one of the best forms of self-love,” he said Jennifer Dohm, Head of PR and Communication, North America. “Therefore Hotels.com Rewards travelers looking for a way to break away from their previous flames this year with this unique Valentine’s Day offer. “

Get ready to pack your bags because you could be one of the lucky 15 winners to grab one 300 dollars Hotels.com Gift card for your own short vacation. The winners will be notified by Friday February 12th at the 5 p.m. ET – on time for a self-loving V-Day stay or your future short break whenever possible.

It pays to be petty, especially when your ex is trash! Official terms and conditions can be found at Here.

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