A new mural by local artists Alecia Vera Buckles and Briah Gober, with subtle nods to the iconic Chattanooga architecture that forms the basis of the 1,575-square-foot project, is on display at the new Kinley Hotel. As with any art, the interpretation is left to the viewer.

Ashley Parrot, curator of the new hotel on Chattanooga’s Southside, reached out to a local artist

Ms. Buckles through mutual community connections. The suggestion: an outdoor mural.

On behalf of Vision Hospitality, the artists are painting the south-facing wall of the Kinley. The mural will contain 23 colors, roughly 13 to 15 gallons of paint, with an additional 30 to 40 colors for the drip method parts. The project is funded in part through a partnership with Public Art Chattanooga and the Southeast Tennessee Development District, supported by ArtsBuild.

Inspired by Kinley Hotels’ mission to curate the space with only local female artists, Ms. Buckles and UTC marketing student Briah Gober got to work, focusing on the grid design inherent in the mural.

“Grid lines made me think about female relationships and quilts in particular,” said Ms. Buckles. “The way quilting relates to the south, and how the thread relates to community and togetherness, especially in sewing circles. If we are both born here, it will come full circle.

“The project came together pretty quickly, given the size and location. We were both

on board as soon as we were asked, mainly because of the hotel’s mission to only exhibit female artists.

“We were very fortunate to have such good support that they held our hands through the contract and helped with storage, priming, prep and footwork – we blindly went into it, but with so much help – all that was a whirlwind experience but absolutely worth it all. ”

Ms. Buckles and Ms. Gober met a few years ago at an event called “The Incline Art Crawl”. Many people were involved in this project, including Ms. Parrot, Eric Finley Jr., Kevin Bate, James McKissic, Frances McDonald, Ann Law, and countless friends.

Ms. Buckles’ only large-scale experience was inside walls at the Barking Legs Theater.

“This is just the beginning – I feel like a kid.”

Both agree that it was “divine timing”.

The two have never worked together, but “we work so well together, total flow, it’s so cold.”

“We both learned so much and gave for it,” said Ms. Gober. “We work so well together that there is no way we will work together again.”

“I hope it’s a ticket to traveling concerts to paint beautiful things in other cities,” added Ms. Buckles.

“The mural was so much fun and extensive training, too,” said Ms. Gober. “If you don’t take the risk, you won’t gain anything.”

The Kinley Hotel opens gently this week. To find out more about the artists and theirs

Portfolio visit https://www.instagram.com/aleciavera/ and https://www.instagram.com/lovelyintoxication_/