Fast travel to the New World is the best way to explore the vastness of Aeternum, but it comes at a price.

That is literal as you are spending valuable resources getting around, and metaphorical too. The New World Fast Travel has some important limitations to how it works.

Fast Travel in the New World – How to Fast Travel in the New World

The first type of fast travel will take you to every settlement you have already visited. The catch, however, is twofold. It costs Azoth, and the Azoth cost increases the further you travel. There are a lot of blue things on the island, but you still want it Save some Azoth for crafting and skills.

The second problem is that you actually need to be in one settlement before you can quickly travel to another settlement. Setting up Aeterunum means you are never too far from any other settlement, although you cannot get there or anywhere else quickly.

Once you reach a settlement, open your map and find your destination. The fast travel option should appear when you click on the settlement marker.

Fast travel to the new world – call back to Inn

The second option is more limited, but may be more useful depending on the situation. Recall to Inn takes you back to the inn where you are registered, no matter where you are.

In New World, you can only register with one inn at a time, and there is a one-hour cooldown between uses of Recall to Inn. Keep an eye on which guesthouse you last registered with if you want to use this function frequently.

When you’re ready to call back, just open your card and select the inn you’re registered with.

If you can still find your way New world, our best build and best weapons Guides should help you make your Aeternum adventure easier.

Since traveling is no longer an obstacle, you can collect many items without walking across the island. We also have details on how to find rare items such as: Petal Thorn branches, Aged wood and the Churro sheep.