“Tourist airlines and pilot training schools have cut costs as much as possible in order to stay in business. This inevitably led to a reduction in the workforce.

“A Trans Tasman Bubble would give them the much-needed confidence, allow them to retain currently qualified staff, most of whom are New Zealanders who have been trained and qualified here, and especially in the tourism sector, would allow them to be re-employed no need to recruit last year. “

In 2020, international student tuition fees raised $ 51 million and had an economic impact of $ 226 million, mostly in regional areas. The industry employed 380 New Zealanders, all of whom were trained in New Zealand and paid well above the minimum wage.

Nicholson said this “high quality” part of the aviation industry has been crippled by border closings.

“International students historically make up nearly 70% of those who attend New Zealand training schools. Without it, the viability of the entire industry is in question, ”he said.