Where is Aaron Rodgers going?

Or … could he actually stay with the Green Bay Packers, the He is reportedly very unhappy with?

That is the question that concerns NFL fans everywhere. The incumbent MVP could be done with the franchise He’s played for him since the pack drafted him in in 2005, which means there are a handful of teams out there that could trade for him (assuming he doesn’t retire first). And let’s remember that the packers don’t have to act on it.

But let’s have some fun here. Which of the 32 franchises could be the best landing spot for Rodgers, regardless of cap space and what they might give up on trades? We take into account a few things from willingness to win now, to room for the QB, launching into the city itself, and so on.

Way we go:

A mess with both the roster and the front office. No thanks.

So in a rebuilding period, I don’t see Rodgers wanting to play there if he had a choice. But they drafted Penei Sewell so Rodgers would have good protection!

Logan Bowles / NFL Handout Photo via USA TODAY Network

We have hit the “We have a young star here, so let’s just stay with him, thank you” part of our ranking.

Joe Burrow, future star! Though to Rodgers the receiving corps looks really good on paper … but the offensive line doesn’t.

The “Yes, we have a superstar here, we are good” level, starting with this Patrick Mahomes guy. There’s no place here for Rodgers.

I’d say the Ravens are more than happy with Lamar Jackson, even after he statistically took a step back last season.

Kyler Murray is great. That’s it. Next!

Josh Allen was having a monster year so I don’t think the Bills would try to trade Rodgers, although bringing an MVP to this contender might be overdoing them (I’m kidding Buffalo, I promise !! Please Don’t throw me through a table).

The only reason they’re so high is because Rodgers is younger than Tom Brady and that team would be even more competitive with Rodgers, but come on, politics would be so wild for everyone involved.

Which means: How much would it break Twitter if the Bucs traded for Aaron Rodgers? I WANT IT.

Dak is her type and rightly so … but I could see it took Jerry Jones a minute or two to think about the possibility of trading for Rodgers, which is why they’re a bit higher.

Only up here because Los Angeles, what the danger means! Job is a simple commute. Otherwise, the Justin Herbert era is in its second year.

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Hey, Brett Favre was playing for one of the Packers’ big rivals. Everything can happen. This would be a great way to end Kirk Cousins’ run and try a Super Bowl – wouldn’t Rodgers love tossing Adam Thielen and Justin Jefferson?

Plus: Revenge games against the Packers twice a year!

“But they designed Justin Fields!” you say. Fine, fine, but he can sit for a couple of years and the bears can ride Rodgers and their stellar defenses up to the confrontation. It would make Allen Robinson happy too!

See above for: Revenge games.

If Rodgers wants a reception corps, this is a REALLY good group. What if Matt Ryan is there?

Taysom Hill – once a packer! – and lots of tips for the first round for Rodgers, who says no? Sorry, Jameis.

What if this team didn’t know Rodgers was available? They would have acquired Carson Wentz earlier this year? What happened if. But this team is now ready to be among the best in the AFC, and Rodgers could make them favorites.

Stop laughing. It’s New York (or any of the New Jersey suburbs)! Rodgers might like to live there. Zach Wilson can sit for a while. It’s not the BEST option in New York, however …

Ignore Sam Darnold’s presence (and apologize to Darnold who would be here if this were the case). Matt Rhule would likely have a field day with Rodgers.

Much like the Colts and some other teams with regulated QB situations – can the Titans really win a Super Bowl with Ryan Tannehill? Nashville is fun too.

I’m going to get a lot of hate mail from Cleveland.

Look: Baker Mayfield had a good year. But you are telling me that this front office said “No!” Would say. Acquire Rodgers and launch him through Baker? Especially if your argument window could open this season?

I don’t think that’s going to happen. But you get the picture. It’s Aaron Rodgers we’re talking about here!

Cue the memes!

Aaron Rodgers: “I want to leave Green Bay and not come back to the team.”

Bill Belichick: pic.twitter.com/1nXGmTL1Gh

– NFL Memes (@NFL_Memes) April 29, 2021

I ask myself this: Would Rodgers really want to play for the very serious Bill Belichick? In very cold Massachusetts? Not as much of a lock as you would think.

It feels like their eggs are in Jalen Hurts’ basket, which would likely change immediately if they acquired Rodgers. Plus, Philly is a fun city!

This is actually perfect: Rodgers for Russell Wilson – who has expressed his own misfortune in this off-season – Straight up. Wilson returns to Wisconsin (where he starred in college), Rodgers comes to the West Coast and immediately fits into a good team. Win win!

A few years ago I might have made fun of it.

Still! The defense is good, the offense has some guns, and Rodgers> Fitzmagic. Not a bad option for everyone involved!

Saquon Barkley returned from injury, an underrated defense, and New York City. A darkhorse option if I were Rodgers and in control of my target.

In a vacuum, playing for an eternal competitor who is consistently good on both sides of the ball and for a franchise with the most stable job of head coach in the NFL seems like a great landing spot!

I know it has been reported that this is one of the teams that interests him and I can’t figure out why beyond “VEGAS BABY!”

Seriously, will this team be playing for a Super Bowl for the next few years while Rodgers is still in their thirties? Are there enough tempting things on the offensive to get him pumping? Is there anything about Jon Gruden? As you can see from the leaderboard, I’m not sure if this is such a good option.

Obviously the Raiders would do so right away and wish Derek Carr the best.

I get it. These days they are always a QB away from the elite. Jerry Jeudy could break out in his sophomore year, as could Noah Fant in his third season. Defense is always great. But there are better fits for him.

A team close to the playoffs … but there are questions about Tua Tagovailoa. So, go to Miami and all the good weather (a little different from Green Bay, right?) And have fun while you play for a title.

Hey, listen: you almost made it to the Super Bowl last year. If this relationship can be fixed in some way (doubtful ??) this team is good. Really good.

I’ll get Near Perfect Fits for $ 1,000, Aaron.

Here’s the clue: This team in the City of Angels exchanged for a quarterback this off-seasonbut that shouldn’t stop them from doing the same to this defensive NFL MVP who might be hosting Jeopardy! in the future.

You already know the punch line. Seriously, did you know the SoFi stadium is a 20-minute drive from the location where Jeopardy is being filmed? in Culver City?

Moron. The Californian boy comes back and plays for the team he has chosen.

Oh sure You just designed Trey Lance. But it could take Lance a few years to be ready and the Niners are in a place where they could very easily win the NFC. So you move all-in AND can keep the QB of the future because the packers already have theirs and everyone wins.