The next few months may not be all that good, but there is a lot of optimism about a strong fourth quarter and solid 2022 tourism season for the Caribbean.

The Caribbean Tourism Organization hosted a live Facebook chat with a group of experts on Wednesday. Most agreed that things were getting better and that the final three months of 2021 could see some serious rebound for travel to the region.


The second half looks promising, said Carol Johnson, Senior Principal Client Partner at Tripadvisor.

“68 percent of consumers are planning an international vacation. We also see people who want to do more than one trip internationally. This creates a wonderful climate for the Caribbean to take advantage of this pent-up demand. “

Johnson said US demand for travel is definitely increasing.

“Almost half of all travel bookings concern international destinations. And the travel booking for trips in three months is growing rapidly. The number of users viewing stays of 90 days or more has increased by 50% since December. “

Eric Bowman, executive editor at TravelPulse in the US, said he had spoken to agents and the fourth quarter of this year was good.

“There is potential for the third quarter and it will accelerate a bit depending on the restrictions and when they are lifted and how the vaccine plays out. However, for 2021 it is a fourth quarter bounce and hopefully sunnier Times in 2022. “

Colin Pegler, Managing Director of Resort Marketing International Ltd. in Great Britain, expects a huge increase in bookings in the coming weeks. But governments have to make sure that the borders are open, otherwise travelers will travel to other regions.

Pegler said it would be great if the summer could hit 50% of normal levels but that could be optimistic.

“Certainly the Caribbean could and should and should do very well through the fourth quarter and into 2022. We have the ability to steal stores from crowded areas. City centers and city trips will decline. People will be looking for beach breaks and the Caribbean has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

“We will make capital there. I think we will do well by the end of this year and I think 2022 should be a strong year. “

Vivian Mur, vice president of cruise and leisure sales at ADARA Inc., believes luxury will lead the way in recreation. But she sounded more cautious than other presenters when it came to Caribbean tourism.

“We see a pretty good pick up through March, but then it falls off,” she said. “Hawaii and Mexico are in demand,” but it is unclear how the situation in the Caribbean will develop from April onwards.

“There are so many variables,” she said. “I think the region still has something to do.”