Interstate travel approval in Malaysia expected in three weeks: Hishammudin

The Malaysian Armed Forces are instructed to work more closely with MOH to ensure people complete their vaccinations soon in order to meet the country’s goal of 90% of adults vaccinated during that period.

The Malaysian government expects interstate travel authorization to be granted in three weeks, Minister of Defense Hishammuddin Hussein shared.

The minister said that measures are being taken to speed up the vaccination rate in adults and that the Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM) will be instructed to work more closely with the Ministry of Health (MOH) to ensure that people complete their vaccinations soon, the aim of the Landes of 90% of the adults vaccinated during this period.

Among the immediate actions that need to be taken, ATM will mobilize more Combat Medic Vaccination Teams (CMVT) to help MOH communities vaccinate in deeper areas.

The ATM has also been instructed to expand the drive-through vaccination program for the public, added Senior Minister Hishammudin.

According to the MOHs last update on September 27th, 6.45 a.m., 83.7% of Malaysia’s adult population have been fully vaccinated while 93.7% have completed at least one vaccination.

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