Portland is a picnic paradise. The temperate falls make for great lunches at Mt. Tabor Park, Skidmore Bluffs, or Pittock Mansion. Year-round, the novelty of a kitchen or a picnic distributed from the comfort of your hotel room is an excellent excuse to check out Portland’s local markets. While Portland Saturday Market is a proven spot for local groceries, shopping like a local includes the hip neighborhood markets and the general store. Each gives a glimpse into the Portland lifestyle.

Come through the black and indigenous marketis an incubator market focused on helping black and indigenous farmers and manufacturers. The Come Thru Market takes place every second Monday through October 18th. The market also offers a training program to help colored farmers, some of whom are also immigrants and refugees, prepare for the farmers market. The providers include:

  • Black futures farm, a community farm in SE Portland dedicated to using agriculture to grow food and community.

  • Family business FunderburkOwner Aaron Cleveland sells bonsai and penjiing products in addition to his breathtaking terrariums. The food and the plants are not just the literal fruits of his labor, but true works of art.

  • Glück family farmstarted in 2016 when owners Prosper Hezumuryano and Rosata Niyonzima – originally from Burundi – used the skills they learned during their 12 years in a Tanzanian refugee camp to grow Portland vegetables in their new home. Today the family business includes son Japhety and offers year-round harvests.

  • Another spring farmgrows on unclaimed indigenous land now known as Gresham. This land was occupied by the peoples of Chasta, Rogue River, Umpqua, Molalla, and Kalapuya. The farmer of another Spring Farm is Serena (she / she) who works on grown food compared to her African, Caribbean and Asian ancestors.

Piccones corneris not a grocery store, but a great butcher and restaurant. The butcher shop has a sister farm, Wallow and Root Pasture Farm, which focuses on traditional pigs. The take-away is fantastic too, with take-away options like a braised beef skin sandwich (sprinkled with parmesan, herbs, and Calabrian chilli aioli).

Offer fine groceriesis a small and upscale market with a focus on PNW and European goods. You can find lots of imported noodles as well as their own brand, Pastaworks. It’s also a good place to pick up oysters or a fantastic arrosto chicken from the pickup window on the side of the building.

Well invested marketis a micro-market with great local fanfare. Owner Jim Dixon curates a collection of grains, oils, vinegars and cheese platters. Add basics like local eggs and wine to your order as a $ 100 purchase qualifies for free shipping.

Hannex general storeis a provision room under the radar of the popular hipster dive bar Mad Hanna. The bar took advantage of the vacant shop next door to build a general store during the pandemic. They have dry goods, beer, wine, coffee, takeaway sandwiches, produce, and perfect milkshakes.