One of the most pronounced – and potentially permanent – effects of the COVID-19 pandemic is the shift in work location and the corresponding shift in the attitudes of businesses and individuals to remote work.

Millions of people around the world started working from home – or at least from their traditional office – in the past year.

And while the majority of the global workforce cannot work remotely, a McKinsey study Up to a quarter of the workforce in advanced economies can do this three to five days a week without losing effectiveness.

“In surveys, executives have indicated that hybrid remote working models will remain here for some employees. The virus has broken through cultural and technological barriers that have prevented remote working in the past and initiated structural change for at least some people, ”the McKinsey report reads.

And as the vaccine rolls out around the globe and travel restrictions gradually ease, work from home can become work from anywhere.

That means – as long as there is a reliable internet service “everywhere”.

Cruise under control

Now Princess cruises wants those interested in remote working to know that their ships are viable options.

When the line returns to service – starting with two ships leaving the UK for vaccinated British residents this summer – all 15 ships will offer the brand’s MedallionNet Wi-Fi service, which includes remote working and learning with ” Land ”enables -like connectivity.

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“Many cruise lines claim they have guest WiFi and they don’t – they have WiFi in public areas. When we say guest WiFi, it means every cabin also has an access point, “said John Padgett, chief experience and innovation officer of Carnival Corporation, the parent company of Princess Cruises.

“It’s not every other cabin, it’s not every third cabin, it’s not just in the hallway and opening the door. It’s every public area, every guest area, every cabin, every deck. There is no exception.

“I have complete confidence in him, anywhere in the world and anywhere on the ship.”

This trust leads the cruise line to launch a new marketing campaign for remote employees. A press release announcing the concept said on the cruise line: “In a world where remote working out of necessity has become commonplace, Princess Cruises is providing a charged internet connection using a new satellite constellation to offer the ultimate remote workstation. an office at sea. “

Padgett says that as the brand reactivates its marketing efforts with the return to cruising this summer, this new way of messaging will be a priority.

According to Princess, MedallionNet WiFi service starting at $ 9.99 per day offers fast, reliable connectivity that’s enough for video conferencing at sea, whether you’re sitting in a cabin, lounge chair, or walking around on deck.

I have full confidence in her, anywhere in the world and anywhere on the ship.

John Padgett – Carnival Corp.

According to the cruise line, the connection won’t get any better until satellite technology partner SES launches a new satellite constellation later this year.

According to Padgett, the combination of this advanced technology with changing work habits makes cruising a viable option for long-term living.

“It used to be a comparison of a cruise vacation with an alternative vacation. But from my point of view it starts to be – do I want to live on a cruise ship or do I want to live on land? “Says Padgett.

“And you’d have your cabin cleaned, your food included, entertainment there. I don’t have to pay for a separate gym … I have medical facilities. … you will find that you live on a cruise ship, have great connections, travel the world and are cheaper than you can live and eat at home. “

He also sees the opportunity in the Princess Cruises market as an alternative to traditional land-based meeting venues for business events – even as a participant on multiple ships to destinations around the world that are linked via video conferencing.

“We believe that the rebirth of groups and conventions is a perfect place for us to position ourselves as a new product offering,” says Padgett.

“Meeting planners will think differently than ever before. Hybrid groups and conventions, hybrid events – we can make all of that possible thanks to MedallionNet’s capability. ”