Bucks County saw record-breaking hotel readings this fall, driven by increased travel and pent-up demand in the local wedding sector. reports the Philadelphia Business Journal.

The county had its highest hotel occupancy rate in September at 74.4%, said Paul Bencivengo, COO of Visit Bucks County. Add to that an average room rate of $ 119.07 per day.

Previously, Bucks County’s best September for the lodging sector was pre-pandemic 2019, when occupancy hit 71.1% and the average daily rate soared to $ 106.31. Bencivengo said to PBJ.com.

Similarly high demand was demonstrated in October. Despite the ongoing pandemic, occupancy hit 73.3% – just slightly below the October 2019 record of 73.5%, per Visit Bucks County. The average room rate per day rose to $ 121.95 in October, beating the previous record of $ 107.92 in 2018.

PBJ.com collapses how the industry records are falling despite a more robust supply of hotel rooms in Bucks County than in previous years, suggesting a wanderlust in the area.

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